8 Tips for Boosting Weight Loss ...


8 Tips for Boosting Weight Loss ...
8 Tips for Boosting Weight Loss ...

Whether you want to jump-start a long weight-loss journey, or you just want to lose ten pounds before your cousin’s wedding this summer, I have a list of tips for boosting weight loss that can help. Even if you’re a veteran in the weight loss arena, some of these tips for boosting weight loss might be new, so keep reading! Put down that Oreo, grab your smart phone, and let’s go!

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Start Now!

It’s so much easier to lose weight when you’re young, and your metabolism is naturally faster, so the first of my tips for boosting weight loss is to start now, right now! Why wait? The longer you wait, the harder it will be, trust me.


Download an App

If you’re already using the fabulously helpful AWS app, great! If not, download it for free to take all of our weight loss tips with you no matter where you go. There are also loads of other helpful weight loss and dieting apps, so try a few of those, too… may I recommend a calorie-counting or food journal app?


Keep Inspired

It’s hard to accomplish any goal without keeping in mind why you’re bothering in the first place, so try your best to keep motivated. I keep a not-so-svelte photo of myself stuck to the fridge to discourage my late-night snacking habit, and an inspirational quote as my cell phone background… and a picture of the swimsuit I want to buy this summer in my day planner. What will work to remind you of your inspiration?


Add to Your Workout

If you’re not working out, start. If you are working out, add a little to boost your weight loss. What do I mean by “add”? On the elliptical, add ten minutes and a little incline. On the weights, add five or ten pounds. On your morning run, add a half-mile.


Count All the Calories!

Maybe you’ve never counted all your calories, or maybe you’ve just gotten a little lazy with your calorie counting. Either way, it’s important to count all of the calories you consume, including those in your fancy coffee drinks and even the ketchup on your scrambled eggs. By counting these calories, too, you might find that you’re consuming 500 more calories per day than you thought, slowing your weight loss… yikes!


Phone a Friend

Almost any endeavor, including weight loss, is easier with a friend, so why not find a diet buddy and a workout buddy? You can encourage each other, share recipes, maybe even spark a little friendly competition to keep you both motivated.


Try for Five

If you’re having trouble losing weight, you might not be eating often enough. Yes, that’s right: studies have shown that eating five small meals a day, rather than three big ones, can help you lose weight and keep it off. Eating more often will keep you from feeling hungry, which makes you a lot less likely to cheat on your diet… and eating more often also keeps your metabolism working in high gear. A double bonus!


Fill up on Fiber

Don’t believe the no-carbs myth – fiber, the dieter’s best friend, is a carb! If you’re trying to lose weight, fill up on fiber. It’ll help your body digest your food, and it will keep you feeling fuller, and more energized, longer. Add whole grains to your diet, and you’ll notice a difference right away!

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth the effort, and these tips will help, I promise… they’ve worked for me! I’m especially careful to get fiber and to keep motivated, but which of these ideas do you think will work best for you? Or do you have another tip to share?

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@Lyndsie Robinson is it Better to workout in the morning or afternoons? :)

I love this !

i love your account, it has helped me so much! thank you :D

im 33 and i have cut breads sugar and i only eat small portions and i walk all day at work but i cant lose 5 lbs....what the heck???? what am i doingwrong?

I think that weight doesn't matter at all and you should just be happy with your body. I naturally am not much of a gainer, and I've actually been trying to gain a bit more weight. I can feel my ribs, and it drives me crazy. I'm appalled by the fact that so many women and young girls like me are so crazy about wanting to be thin and then they just develop anorexia. I think that everyone's beautiful wether they're a little overweight or not.

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