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Did you know that there are many simple and small changes to make to lose weight? Contrary to popular belief, you can make some small adjustments which can make a big difference in your lifestyle and appearance! If you’re not ready to make a total transformation but want to take steps in moving toward a healthier lifestyle, check out these small changes to make to lose weight!

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Drink Water

One of the simplest small changes to make to lose weight is to drink more water! I know, some people just hate to drink water and it can be hard, but staying hydrated is key to good health and looking good! Drinking water with lemon can help metabolize fat and detox your liver, leading to a sped up metabolism! Water can aid in digestion, relieve fatigue and help your skin stay clear!


Eat Fruit

If you love to drink fruit juice, try eating your fruits instead of drinking them. Eating an orange will provide you with more fiber and it’s more satisfying than drinking a glass of juice. Another incentive to eat fruit is that you can also end up taking in more calories, up to 48 percent more, drinking juice than eating the fruit!


Cut Back

Another easy weight loss tip is to cut back on portions. Measure what you eat and use smaller plates and bowls when you eat. It’s a really simple change but it really helps you eat less while still being satisfied! One of my biggest challenges was that I overate. I forgot what it felt like to eat to the point of satiety without feeling stuffed. Measuring out my portions and eating on smaller plates made a big difference for me!


Swap Snacks

Swapping snacks is another one of the small changes to lose weight. If you normally snack on potato chips, switch to air popped popcorn or make kale chips. If you love yogurt with fruit on the bottom, try buying plain yogurt and adding fresh fruit to slash your sugar intake. There are many healthy snacks out there that taste great and you’ll be consuming so many more nutrients without all the calories and processed ingredients.


Keep Coffee Simple

This weight loss tip is for all the coffee lovers out there, try to keep your coffee simple. Indulging in a delicious latte every now and then is fine. However, if you make it a daily habit, the calories and fat can add up fast! Even if you have skinny coffee drinks, a small, 12 ounce drink is 100 calories. You can have a few cups of plain coffee with flavored creamer for less than half the cals and you still get the caffeine kick and it tastes great!


Track Meals

These days, tracking our meals, snacks and activity is easier than ever with smartphone apps. Keeping track of your activity and what you consume can help give you insight into eating habits, patterns and practice portion control. If you don’t have a smartphone or just aren’t into apps, you can always jot down what you ate and did every day in a notebook and it’s just as effective!


Work in More Workouts

Another one of the small changes to lose weight is to work in mini workouts throughout the day. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t have a block of time to devote to a workout, feel free to break it up! Working in small bursts of exercise is much better than skipping it entirely and they can be just as effective! Try doing some squats, crunches or jumping jacks while you do household chores or while watching TV!


Ditch Diet Foods

Leading a busy lifestyle can make it hard to cook meals at home. But, in order to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, it’s important to ditch diet foods and processed foods like low fat crackers and low carb snacks. Eat real, whole foods that are nutrient dense and taste good. Diet and processed foods are okay to have on occasion but they generally have loads of preservatives and added sugar and salt that we don’t want!

Using some of these small changes to lose weight can help you lead a healthier life and drop some unwanted pounds! Weight loss isn’t always easy but if you are consistent with your healthy lifestyle, you will see results! Do you have any weight loss tips that you’d like to share?

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Quick question - I have a kidney problem and the doc recommended I drink some sparkling water due to the minerals when it's carbonated as well as flat water - does sparkling water still count towards my cups per day?

really great tips!! thanks

Good Article :)

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What would be a good meal tracker app to download?

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