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There are several ways that running helps weight loss, and I’m going to share 9 of them with you today! I’ve been a runner for almost three years, and since I’ve begun, I haven’t looked back. Running has become one of my passions, and not just because running helps weight loss. Tons of other health benefits, including physical and mental health, are stimulated through running. Our primary focus right now will be on ways running helps weight loss, so stay tuned!

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Running is the Best Cardio

One way that running helps weight loss is by the extensive cardio your body gets. It’s no secret that cardio is the best and quickest way to lose weight; well, running is the very best cardio exercise! It’s a continuous, steady exercise that gets your heart rate pumping to really help those pounds melt away!


Running Burns Calories

Running is probably one of the best ways to burn tons of calories. Other exercises burn calories too, but running especially burns calories! Don’t use this as an excuse to eat more food or pile on extra donuts- but at the same time, don’t cut your diet down too rigidly. Your body does need extra sustenance to perform well in running, but it needs to be the right kind.


Running Uses Every Part of Your Body

When you run, your legs get an amazing workout, but so does the rest of your body. Your arms are swinging back and forth as well as pumping forward through the air, your abs are tightening in support of your core, your glutes are getting a major workout back there, and even your shoulders do a little work! So you’re getting a total body workout, as well as cardio in for the day when you go on a run.


You Have to Eat Good to Run

One fantastic way that running helps your weight loss is by the foods you are eating. Sound funny? Well, if you’re running, you need energy, and only real food gives you energy. So in order to perform well, you have to cut the processed foods out of your diet, as well as junk food, snacks, sodas, and other not-good-for-you food items. This aids in your performance while running, as well as in your weight loss!


You Need More Water when Running

Of course it’s necessary to be hydrated when running, so drinking water is a must. When you are doing running on a regular basis, you naturally drink more because your body needs it. All that water helps flush out fat cells, enabling you to lose more weight.


Running Requires a Schedule

For those who want to be dedicated to their weight loss, you will need a schedule no matter which method you choose to help you get on the ball. With running, you have to stay on schedule. If you miss several days or weeks, you really lose a lot. With a schedule, you maintain and excel. This aids in weight loss, because there are no windows of opportunity to sit down and get lazy again!


Running Requires Consistency

Similar to maintaining a schedule, running requires consistency. By consistency, I mean that you get out there and make yourself do it. It can be hard to be consistent with what you eat, or where you go to work out, but you MUST be consistent when running, or you will lose all progress. Consistency is a bit different than just maintaining a schedule. With a schedule, you have already predetermined how many miles you plan to run each week. With consistency, the key isn’t how far or how long you go, just that you GO, and keep at it.


Metabolism Increases with Running

We already talked about how running burns more calories, but it’s also worth mentioning that running increases your metabolism! Makes sense, because your body is burning calories and extra fat that’s stored up the more you push it. Just don’t push too hard; know your limits.


Running Gives You More Energy

It’s almost hard to believe, but running actually increases your energy. On days that I don’t work out, I feel groggy, irritable, and sluggish. Running is great because it gives you more energy to feel motivated throughout the day, rather than lying around or just dragging by.

For me, weight loss was never my goal when I started running. But after only a few months of running on a regular basis, I noticed that I had dropped 5+ pounds and lost inches on my waistline, as well as in my legs and arms. So I can personally attest that running is a great aid in weight loss! Do you run for the purpose of losing weight?

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The more I run, the more I want to eat. I am pretty good about eating healthy, just too much. I want to lose weight and am training for a marathon. Any tips on not eating so much while running more?

@Dory I lift free weights/use machines for biceps, triceps, legs, thighs, calves, & inner/outer thighs. I even do something for my abs. Then I run 30-35 mins for around 4 miles. I do weight training for 5 days a week & run 3-4 times a week on top of that. Swimming is a very great workout, especially if you can't handle the high impact of running. I've done that in a triathlon & boy, that whipped me into awesome shape fast. Also made me more hungry lol. I tend to eat every 4 hours. Something small & filling. Lots of fruits & veggies...chicken! It's important to cut 3 things out of your diet: sodium, sugar, & alcohol. Hope that helps!

swimming uses more muscles and is a very extensive work out also

That top pictures in Ventura, ca! I live there!

I run a ton for weight loss in addition to weight training. Lifting helps burn calories along with running! I've gone from size 12 to size 4!! I feel amazing also. Everything is toned up! :) I can definitely attest that running is the key.

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