7 Days to Weight Loss and Wellness Success ...


7 Days to Weight Loss and Wellness Success ...
7 Days to Weight Loss and Wellness Success ...

Looking for 7 days to weight loss success as you get ready for your next big event? Then I have a great plan in store for you. My 7 day plan is so helpful that as a personal trainer and wellness coach I have helped thousands of people make healthy changes and lose weight. Through this 7 day plan, I will show you how to get in a more positive mindset as you make healthy changes and lose weight. Are you ready for 7 days to weight loss success? Then read on...

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Make a Change Monday

For the start of your 7 days of weight loss, Monday is all about asking yourself if you are ready to make changes in your life. Are you ready to swap out the ice-cream for the pudding? Remember if you reward yourself with a healthy meal, you will see greater changes on the scale and have more energy so this is a win-win! Are you ready to make exercise part of your daily routine? Reflect on what brought you to your weight gain and all the positive reasons to lose weight. Think about how different you feel when you have reached a goal and be ready to make healthy changes! And revamp your pantry and refrigerator with healthy food. And weigh in to start the week.


To do List Tuesday

List out all your goals for weight loss and how you plan to get there. Make sure to include your fitness and health plan. This means exercise begins today which could include 45 minutes to 1 hour of walking, biking or running. Your health plan should include 5 vegetables a day and 3 fruits. Make sure you also include healthy grains like quinoa. And list out your health plan so you can achieve great results!


Wild Wednesday

For Wednesday create a fun workout that is both challenging and rewarding. Your workout can be a 4 mile run with push up breaks at every mile. For the number of push ups that you choose to do, you should do this as the same number as your weight loss goal. So if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, perform 20 push ups at every mile. Just remember to smile and have fun with this challenge. A positive attitude will help you to achieve your weight loss goal!


Trim Thursday

Thursday is the 4th day of your 7 days to weight loss and wellness success so it is time to step on your scale and see how well you are doing. Write down your weight loss so far and look for other ways to trim any unhealthy ways from your life. If you used to search for a parking spot close to the store, make sure you now park far enough that you get a walk in! And take the stairs instead of the elevator. Small changes add up to make a big difference! And make sure you get 45 minutes to an hour of cardio in today.


Fighting Friday

Friday is the day you need to realize the week is almost over so make sure you get all your workouts in. Fight the unhealthy cravings and feed this with healthy nutrition. Life is what you make of it so make healthy changes and fight to a new, healthier lifestyle because you deserve it. And make sure you get 1 hour of cardio (run, walk or bike ride) in today!


Make Saturday Super

It is the weekend so time to think out of the box when it comes to your workout. Venture to a nearby mountain for a long hike. Or head to the beach to catch some rays and surf. Why not do some beach running while you are there? Make sure to get an hour workout in and eat healthy so you can reach your weight loss goals. Take a deep breath and smile because you have come a long way in this week!


Be Satisfied Sunday

This is the end of your 7 days to weight loss and wellness so be proud of all the exercise and positive thinking you have done and continue to do this. Reflect on your fitness week with a log of your workouts and prepare for the next week. Weigh in to see your weight loss on the scale. And be satisfied no matter what the number says because you made it through a week of healthy living. Now keep up the great work!

I hope I have motivated and prepared you to make great changes this week! Maybe I will even catch at the beach and we can surf to catch waves together. But will you make these healthy changes solo or team up with a friend?

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Reminds me of a Weekend Makeover

I'll give it a try!!

Its not healthy for you to run on the beach! It damages your knees!!

The last thing I feel like doing while working out is smile! And my workouts are always solo...I hate working out with others.

Can you make one for people on busy schedules who work different shifts every week? Gah I wish I had a day job and set shifts because I can't get into a routine properly if I don't have a clue whether I'm working thought the day or night week after week

Love it thanks

So I'm glad to try the step on. Hope it would be a great week

Its gonna be a great week

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