10 Ways to Lose Weight That You Should Try Now ...

When it comes to losing weight, most of us would try practically anything, right? But what ways actually work and which ones are a waste of time? Expert Dr. Poonam Jain shares some of her sure shot ways to lose weight. We hope you'll find these handy!

1. Regular Exercise

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There is no shortcut to achieving any kind of success and if there is a shortcut then the success will be very short-lived. A regular, 4 days (at least) workout program is essential to lose weight. Many people join a gym and leave it within 3-4 days because of the pain. Thus in the initial 2 weeks you should workout only alternate days, giving your body time to recover. Even 45 minutes a day is enough. The workout should consist of 5-10 minutes of stretching and 30-35 minutes of cardio. Try to understand your body and workout accordingly. If you want to go to the gym everyday, then workout your upper body and lower body alternately. If you do not want to go to the gym you can just do stretching exercises accompanied with a brisk walk.

Apart from your workout, try to do as much physical activity as possible, like taking stairs and parking your car far away so you have to walk to it or an early dinner and then a walk before sleeping.

2. Gap between Meals

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The gap between 2 meals should not be more than 3 hours. Between meals you should eat fruits and nuts. For example one apple with 2 tablespoons of peanuts or 7-8 almonds; a medium sized bowl of pomegranate with a few nuts. Tip – the fruits best suited for losing weight are apple, pomegranate, pear, guava, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

3. Water and Green Tea

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If you feel hungry between meals then drink water. Drinking green tea not only reduces toxins in the body but also helps in losing weight. It increases the metabolism, which then cuts fat in the body. Exercise also increases the metabolism and an increased metabolism means a higher amount of calories is burnt, which means you lose weight! Thus if you have a cup of green tea immediately after your workout, you get much greater, better and faster results.

4. Breakfast

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Breakfast must always consist of a glass of milk or a yoghurt smoothie, with some form of cereal and some peanuts & almonds. Breakfast is an important meal and it must not be skipped.

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Lunch must be a good combination of carbs and proteins, with some green vegetables. Tofu, Soya nuggets, grilled chicken or grilled fish can be taken for lunch with some veggies. If you go to work, you can make a grilled chicken or fish sandwich with some added cabbage, tomato and onion. If you feel you have a big appetite, then you must have a full cucumber and one full tomato before your lunch and dinner.

Tip - If you are out for lunch and you end up having pizza or desserts that you were not able to resist, then have a cup of hot green tea as soon as possible and the fat in your food will not get absorbed by the body. Do not sleep or lie down after a meal, no afternoon siesta for you!

6. Dinner

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Between lunch and dinner you must have a medium sized bowl of fruit. Dinner should always be light. Grilled vegetables or steamed vegetables with soup and 1 multigrain bread slice. Another option is to have grilled vegetables with two small pieces of chicken or a small piece of fish accompanied by vegetable soup.
But dinner should be less than your appetite.
Tip - If you have the time then half an hour after your dinner, go for a walk, but not a brisk walk and have a cup of green tea as soon as you come back from your walk.

7. No Nibbling between Meals

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It’s the between meals nibbling that kills us. The crisps, the crackers, the nachos, the chocolates and ice creams. We remove these from our diet and stick to the three meals a day and 2 servings of fruit between meals and we come a lot closer to achieving our goals. Simply cutting down on sweets, chocolates, rice and potatoes, meat, aerated drinks, cakes and pastries will also knock off inches if not kilos.

8. Girls Should Be Aware of the Period Cycles

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Girls should keep track of their period cycles because if thy are missing periods or the cycle is delayed then there could be PCOD in which case the hormonal imbalance also causes weight gain. Another problem that can lead to weight gain is a thyroid malfunction or hypothyroidism.

These two points should be kept in mind and checked if there is any sudden weight gain. Any kind of hormonal disorder should be treated first, with homeopathy. Otherwise any amount of exercise or dieting will not give the desired results.

9. Bowel Movements

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One should be careful about regular bowel movements. Regular clearing of the intestines should be essential to throw away the toxins from the body and cleanse the body. One must pass stool everyday in the morning and not be constipated. If the stool is not regular or is insufficient then some fibre in the diet should be increased, along with water intake. If the constipation persists then have hot water 2-3 times a day.

10. Do Not Drink Cold or Chilled Water

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Cold water, ice cream or sweet dish immediately after a meal is not advisable. Digestion of food takes place at a higher temperature and any cold thing will reduce the temperature of the stomach, thereby slowing down the metabolism. This then leads to indigestion, flatulence and feeling of fullness. The stomach may appear big and bloated as well.

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