7 Helpful Tips on Staying Positive through Weight Loss Plateaus ...


7 Helpful Tips on Staying Positive through Weight Loss Plateaus ...
7 Helpful Tips on Staying Positive through Weight Loss Plateaus ...

Need help staying positive through weight loss plateau? I think we’ve all been there, where we work super hard but the scale just won’t budge. It can be frustrating but there is much more to a healthy body than just a number on the scale! While we might get fixated on reaching a certain weight, there are lots of other signs that we are getting fitter and firmer! Allow me to show you some tips on staying positive through weight loss plateau so you can stay motivated and keep moving forward!

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Look at Your Clothes

Staying positive through weight loss plateau is hard,, but look around you. I bet there are many signs that your body is giving you that you’re losing weight but you just don’t see them! How are your clothes fitting you lately? Do your tops feel a little looser? Are your jeans getting bigger in the waist or thigh area? Losing inches is just as great as, if not greater than losing pounds!


Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Did you start a weight loss plan in order to improve your health? Perhaps your energy levels have increased or you’re able to get off of a certain medication. Any indication that your body has changed or improved in a positive way is a reason to celebrate! Anytime you’re carrying extra weight around, it can be taxing to the body so if you’ve lost weight and/or inches, you should feel a difference! That’s a fabulous trade-off for a temporary stall in weight loss!


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Another way to mentally power through a weight loss barrier is to think about your physical performance. Are you able to walk or run a mile without stopping? Are you taking less breaks throughout your workout class? All of these things mean that your body is getting faster, better and stronger than you were before! Being able to run, walk or work out longer is definitely something to brag about!


The Old You

If you’ve been on a weight loss plan for awhile, I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes in your body since you’ve started. Maybe you took measurements of yourself or you took a before picture. Either way, the changes are visible and I’m sure you can feel it, too. Even if you’re just starting out on your healthy lifestyle, there can still be physical changes. Do your eyes look brighter or has your skin improved as a result of your healthier diet and exercise plan?


Meal Makeover

When you’re experiencing a weight loss plateau, thinking about how far you’ve come in terms of meals can sometimes help. Was your previous go-to meal an Extra Value Meal from McDonald’s but now you nosh on baked fish and steamed veggies with pleasure? Have you swapped sugary sodas for water? Did you cut out processed foods from your diet? All of these changes, no matter how big or small, mark a victory! You’ve given your meals and snacks a makeover and that takes lots of discipline! Don’t let that accomplishment go unnoticed!


Cool and Confident

Since you’ve experienced some weight loss already, do you notice any changes in your behavior? Are you more outgoing or friendlier as a result? When our bodies change, it can really affect the way we look, feel and behave. Don’t let a weight loss plateau change this! If you’ve gained more confidence, become more ambitious or become more of a people person from your weight loss, reflect on that before you get down on your stall in weight loss!


Accomplished Goals

Many people set goals when they start out on weight loss plan. If you’ve met any goals, no matter how big or small, it’s another reason to celebrate! Let’s say one of your goals was to be able to fit into a certain piece of clothing or have the confidence to go to a class at the gym. Accomplishing your goals is another way to measure success and it has nothing to do with the scale! Now that you’ve accomplished some of your goals, make sure to continue to challenge yourself with new ones!

Don’t let a number on a scale determine your success! As you can see, there are many other ways to gauge your accomplishments that have nothing to do with your weight. If you’re going through a weight loss plateau, I hope you take the time to really reflect on all that’s changed about you and what you still hope to accomplish in the future to help keep you motivated! How do you stay motivated through a weight loss barrier?

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Can u do how to become Flexible

I'm glad I just read this. I needed it thanks!:)

Just what I needed to read ...thanks

This was just the motivation I needed

If you have reached a plateau you've got to change your workout routine for a bit to make it more effective once your back. Worked for me!

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