7 Reasons to Start Your Own Weight Loss Challenge ...


7 Reasons to Start Your Own Weight Loss Challenge ...
7 Reasons to Start Your Own Weight Loss Challenge ...

As you watch the latest weight loss challenge show you may wish you could be a part of it, so why can’t you? Okay maybe you are not on the actual show competing for a quarter of a million dollars, but you are competing for your health which is a very big deal! Good health is the greatest wealth and at thirty-three years old I value this even more than when I was in my twenties and I am sure I will continue to do so as I get older. Valuing your health is the greatest thing you can do because it affects, today, tomorrow and the future. Your health will be with you for a lifetime and will affect the time of your life span. The only opponent you have is yourself, so do not fight it and make changes in your life today. Here are the reasons you should start your own weight loss challenge today:

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Stay Motivated

If you start a three month weight loss challenge this is a great way to stay motivated and stay on track to reach your target goal. Remember the greatest reward will be the betterment of your health.


Keep Track of Your Food Intake

Sign up for an online food tracker so you can log in your daily food intake and make sure you are staying on the right track. The National Weight Loss Institute has shown that dieters that lose weight and keep this weight off for good keep track of what they eat.


Be Your Own Health Food Chef

Forget the wasted money on ordering food out. Make your own healthy and tasty dishes at home so you know all the ingredients that go into your meal. Skimp on some calories by choosing the lower calorie options and remember to always grill or bake and never fry. Also, make salad the main course of every meal.


Set Short and Long Term Weight Loss Goals

To make goals more easily achievable set short term mini goals and long term major goals. An example of a short term mini goal is to lose five pounds and a major long term goal would be to lose 40 pounds or more. Have weekly weigh-ins for your own weight loss challenge so you can monitor your progress and avoid setbacks. If you do have a setback do not fret just get back on track.


REward Yourself for Reaching Your Goals

As you achieve your mini goals celebrate your small victories by getting a manicure, massage or whatever else helps you to appreciate your accomplishments.Reward yourself for reaching your weight loss goals.


Motivate Others

By beginning your weight loss challenge you will motivate your friends and family to focus on their health. Recruit your loved ones to set goals as well. Better yet, why not workout join a workout class together so you can bond as you work to achieve your goals to better your health. Then you can all look and feel better!


Celebrate Yourself and Be Confident

So often in life we put others before ourselves. As a mother I am always doing this when I put back clothing for myself to get the children new outfits or planning my day around their activities. My days and nights are focused on the kids, but weight loss is something you can control and it is okay to be selfish about your health. Without good health you cannot help your children and family. So focus on your weight loss challenge and be confident in your results. It is time for you to celebrate yourself.

I hope you will start your own weight loss challenge to better your health. You only have one life so live it right. How much weight do you need to lose? And what are your health goals?

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Christmas, family get together, hav a weight loss competition for 2 mon. U can do couples lol and it's the % lost. Fun!

I want to lose 35 pounds please help me i try exercise dieting but i don,t know why my weight is stucked on 173 pounds :(

Ugh. I have pcos and I need to lose like, 35 pounds. I might try Zumba and I'll start eating right, I hope. I want to finish before the new year comes.

Nice article

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