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7 Ways to Lose Weight without Having to Bother with Diets ...

By Jelena

The ways to lose weight I’m going to share with you today have nothing to do with conventional diets but work like a charm, allowing all of us easy gainers to maintain steady weight or even drop a few pounds, all by adopting some good yet sustainable habits. It’s easy, I promise, and you don’t even have to give up your favorite foods! But wait, don’t call me a liar just yet, check out these following tips, tricks and ways to lose weight before you make your final decision:

1 Do Not Starve Yourself

Diets have never been one of the best ways to lose weight for me and that has everything to do with the fact that I do not take hunger well. This isn’t all that strange because hunger can make us feel depressed and depression makes us crave food. Try a different tactic this time around – plan your food and snacks so that you always have something to eat and you won’t suffer from food cravings or feel the need to pay your secret stash a visit when nobody is looking.

2 Do Not Eat before Bed

Going to sleep with a belly full of food is bad in so many ways. It’ll probably give you nightmares, ruin your healthy morning appetite and help you put on a few pounds. Try timing your last meal for the day to allow your body to process it before you hit the sack. A full, rich dinner is not something you’ll want to eat with less than 3-4 hours until your usual bed time while an apple can keep your stomach from rumbling for only an hour or two.


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3 Water is Your Friend

Thirst and hunger are the easiest two to mix up and we often turn to food when, in fact, we need water. Obviously, often mentioned health benefits aside, having a glass of water to sip slowly will keep your hands busy, too, which is perfect if you love to munch while watching TV, reading books or browsing the internet.

4 Take a Break

Deciding to try a new diet and really stick to it is like an open invitation for the Universe to unleash its weird sense of humor on you. Expect tons of wedding/birthday party invitations and, yeah, that hot guy is finally going to ask you on a date. Dinner and a movie, baby, and you’re going to have to bring your own carrots! Now, you can choose to curse your luck and feel miserable or you can take that proverbial bull by the horns and find your own recipe for sustainable dieting. Carefree weekends are my reward for eating good, healthy food throughout the week and, yes, you should give it a try! Work hard, party even harder – a win-win situation. It’ll keep you motivated and never ever make you feel like a failure because, hey, should you happen to have a social gathering on Wednesday, you can always decide to chill that day and make up for it with an extra healthy Saturday.

5 Overeating is a No Go

Knowing when to stop is a secret recipe for success! The trick here is to savor your food and stop, not once you can’t eat a bite more, but the moment your brain tells you the need for food has been sated. Parting with your food at this point is super hard, I know, but it allows you to eat whatever you want without feeling bad for allowing yourself those short moments of well-deserved luxury. It also helps beat after-meal sluggishness, allowing you to do oh-so-much more than simply passing out with a full stomach.

6 Get Busy

A busy schedule often means no time to think about food cravings, let alone act on them! Pretty neat, right? Find something to do whenever you catch yourself thinking about the contents of your fridge and you’ll soon lose interest in those unneeded snacks.

7 Stay Away from Alcohol

Or at least choose bars with no fast food restaurants in close proximity. Because alcohol makes you feel super hungry and that means a whole lot of unneeded calories on top of those you already signed up for the moment you decided to have a drink.

See? Told you it will be easy! It’s all about finding what works for you and sticking to it. What do you say? Will you be incorporating any of these tricks into your lifestyle?

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