7 Fall Weight Loss Tips You Should Try ...


7 Fall Weight Loss Tips You Should Try ...
7 Fall Weight Loss Tips You Should Try ...

With all the summer picnics, parties and other activities over, you may be excited for my fall weight loss tips. Summer is gone and fall is here so if you have not done so already, it's time to get focused on your fitness. Fall is often the best time to change gears and get into business working towards your fitness and health goals. With the cooler temperatures of fall it is often more comfortable to exercise. So get focused on my fall weight loss tips to help you meet your goals.

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Utilize the Extra Time

If you are a stay at home mom and your children have just gone back to school, use some of your free time to exercise. It is much easier and more convenient to exercise when the children are at school. And you may find yourself more focused in your training. Utilizing free time is one of my top fall fitness tips because it is so important!


Go Hiking

Fall is the best time to workout because the air is crisp and just breathing the air makes you feel rejuvenated. Get out to a local trail and go hiking. Look for a challenging trail to put your fitness to the test and burn mega calories. If you look online you can find the mile distance of your local trails so you can gauge the amount of calories you will burn.


Set a Routine

Studies show that if you get into a regular routine you will find it much easier to exercise. We, as people like routines. By following any fitness routine it becomes habitual quickly. Usually just 4 weeks of exercising 5 days a week becomes a habit rather than a phase.


Go Apple Picking

Head to your local orchard and enjoy the fall season by apple picking. You can make a day out of it and go for a several mile walk while choosing some apples for your healthy snack. Apples are great because they are naturally sweet and have pectin in them. Pectin is a natural fat burner that will help to boost your metabolic rate and stabilize your blood sugar level.


Go Pumpkin Picking

Eating foods that are in season is the best time to get the full flavor. Pumpkin soup and toasted pumpkin seeds are healthy and tasty food you can enjoy best in the fall season! Pumpkin soup is also a terrific meal because it is low calorie and loads with nutrition.


Lace up Your Sneakers

Put on your sneakers and get outside in the beautiful fall weather for a workout. If you put on your sneakers there is no turning back. Get outside before you lose your motivation. Remember every little bit counts so even if you only exercise for 30 minutes it will make a difference on the scale!


Make Your Home Healthy

Dedicate an area in your room or a separate room for fitness so if you are unable to get outdoors due to inclement weather, you will still get your workout in. And stock your kitchen with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you make your home healthy you will find it much easier to stay on track.

I hope you enjoyed my fall fitness tips to help you get in shape in crisp, cool air! What is your favorite fall fitness tip? Happy fall!

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Love the tips!

Oh, I need to calm down first. I wish I could lose 20 pounds!

Weight loss tips I should try? How presumptuous of you. Maybe not every woman needs to be told to lose weight all the time. Jeez!

I like this article. Not because it\'s really about weightloss (per say) it\'s about getting out and enjoying the fall. Too many people are already hibernating!


I love any fitness/exercise article. Regardless of her weight, every woman should aim to work out several times a week, just for her health. Keep the articles coming!

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