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I’m truly not into fad diet schemes at all, especially when they are endorsed by celebs, but if you’re going to look to Hollywood for diet tricks, turn to these celebrity weight loss tips which are actually smart and helpful. Whatever you do, be sure you’re not skipping meals, going on a crazy cleanse, buying pills, or eating diet foods in place of real food. Aside from that, if you look for some healthy role models for weight loss in Hollywood, I've got some great tips here! Check out my picks for the best celebrity weight loss tips. These stars have the right ways to keep you looking slim the smart way.

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One of the best celebrity weight loss tips out there is from Katy Perry, who practices moderate dieting, not hard core anything. She sticks to a diet of lean protein, veggies and healthy carbs when she’s watching her weight and exercises several times a week, but doesn’t go crazy. She is also not afraid to indulge in her favorite comfort foods on occasion either. Practice moderation when dieting so you don’t go crazy. You’ll still lose weight, and keep your sanity too!


Get Rid of Refined Carbs

Kelly Osbourne recently lost a lot of weight by following a modified Atkins style diet. She cut all refined carbs from her diet, but not all carbs completely. What she did say goodbye to is sugar, flour, processed foods and fake foods. She also eats most grains in whole form, not breads, or too many processed foods. For example, she says oatmeal is one of her favorite breakfasts, and she enjoys fruit smoothies too. She emphasizes lean protein and veggies, not diet foods or crazy carb restrictions. That sounds smart to me, what about you?


Strength Train

If you want to get lose weight, try a favorite weight loss tip from stars like Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez: add strength training! Strength training is a great way to add lean muscle mass, which burns fat, and prevents excess body fat. It spikes your metabolism and helps give your muscles definition, not bulk them up. Aim for 30 minutes, four times a week for best weight loss results.



Stars like Miley Cyrus and Madonna stay thin with Pilates, which tightens and strengthens your core. It also burns calories in a way that is less damaging to your joints and muscles than running or heavy lifting. Try a beginner class online at You Tube, or pick up a starter DVD to try in your home. If you have access to a class locally, I also recommend trying one. Pilates is a great mind and body exercise, and one of my personal favorites.


Eat High Raw

Raw food diets are trendy, but you need to be smart if you decide to go about one. I don’t recommend eating a raw food diet to lose weight, because if you don’t do it almost perfectly, you can overdo it on nuts or raw dishes with lots of avocados, dried fruits or coconut oil, which is just way too many dense calories in a small serving. Or, you might try to eat just all fruits and veggies and lose too much weight, plus suffer really terrible health issues. Instead, try one of Hollywood’s smartest raw food tips from Kimberly Snyder. Kim is the author of The Beauty Detox Diet and nutritionist to Channing Tatum’s wife, Jenna, among tons of others. Kim eats high raw, and aims to eat vegan sources of protein like quinoa, sprouted grain bread which is less processed, and moderate amounts of nuts and seeds. She isn’t afraid of cooked foods, but eats high raw instead. This ensures she’s not getting extra additives from oils, too much sugar and processed foods, which is always a good thing!


Choose a Smart Vegan Diet

Stars like Carrie Underwood and Natalie Portman have gone vegan, along with many, many other celebs out there. The trick to doing it smart and losing weight while still being healthy is to choose a smart vegan diet, not a carb-loaded one. Sure, Oreo’s are vegan, but you aren’t going to lose weight eating them. Carrie emphasizes lean protein and veggies for her meals,and so does Natalie. Doing this always ensures a great road to losing weight, vegan or not.


No Carbs at Dinner

Celebrity Bob Harper is a fan of this weight loss trick, which is smart! Just don’t eat carbs at dinner. It doesn’t mean you can’t have carbs, but be sure to choose healthy carb sources like oats, sweet potatoes or winter squash, and eat them for breakfast or lunch. Quinoa is another great option that's also higher in protein, and more diet friendly. The most important thing is to emphasize eating strictly veggies and protein at dinner, not carbs. That way, your body can burn off the carbs during the day if you eat them early, and not store them as fat later on when you’re less active.

If you’ve heard a celebrity tip that isn’t crazy, feel free to share it with me. I’d love to hear it! What’s your best celebrity weight loss tips?

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