7 Day Plan for Weight Loss That Will Guarantee a Healthier You ...


7 Day Plan for Weight Loss That Will Guarantee a Healthier You ...
7 Day Plan for Weight Loss That Will Guarantee a Healthier You ...

As we head into a new year why not start the year right with a healthy 7 day plan for weight loss success? In order to succeed in anything, especially weight loss, you need to have a plan in place so follow my healthy food plan that is easy to live by. This plan will lead you through a week of my healthy tips day by day and help you to transform your life. Learn to live life in moderation, be satisfied without feeling you're making a sacrifice and make wiser nutrition choices. Here is my 7 day plan for weight loss success:

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Monday is Not Manic

It is the beginning of the work week and for some, Monday can be manic due to the stressful week ahead but not you! Monday is the first day of your healthy weight loss plan so let’s get planning and set your goal weight. Begin by weighing in so you have a starting weight. A healthy achievable goal weight to lose is 2-3 pounds this week. Set out a healthy food plan and begin with 30-40 minutes of light exercise each day. To succeed in this plan you have to be fully committed and looking forward to achieving great results! formulating your plan tops my tips for beginning your 7 day plan for weight loss.


Tuesday Top Nutrition Tips

Revamp your refrigerator and pantry with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. If you surround yourself in a healthy atmosphere it will be easier for you to succeed. Slice up some veggies for snack time, prepare a veggie soup and some green smoothies and store them in your refrigerator. You should begin your day with lean protein, have a large salad for lunch and enjoy some lean protein and whole grains for dinner. Enjoy 2-3 pieces of fruit for your snack during the day. Live life guilt free and you work towards achieving your weight loss goal.


Wednesday Work is Paying off

As you approach mid-week and you are creating a new mindset and outlook towards food, review your goals and the steps you are taking. Embodying a healthy lifestyle is about a vision and execution. So stay on track and envision a better, healthier and happier lifestyle you deserve.


Thursday Transformation

Thursday is the day you set new goals in your life outside of weight loss. Set a goal that involves your new active lifestyle. Maybe you have always dreamed of doing a breast cancer walk, run your first 5k, or hike to top of a mountain. Set a plan and date to do this and do not let anything stop you. Once you achieve this you will be unstoppable. There is no telling what could be next on your next round of goals.


Friday Fitness is the Best

Woo hoo! Even though I work all weekend there is something exciting about Friday, especially when you have made it to the 5th day of your new weight loss plan. So make sure you are following a healthy nutrition plan and pushing yourself in your workouts. Each workout should be completed with you covered in sweat. Achieving total sweat is like achieving success in pushing your body to the next level.


Saturday Steps to a New Life

Review your life and all aspects to make sure you are satisfied. Sure you may want a new car or home but that is not what matters in the grand scheme of things. How are the relationships in your life? Make sure you are happy and mend all that may need mending. To succeed in weight loss you must be content in all aspects of your life. And make sure you get your workout in today!


Sunday is Super

Try a new healthy dish today like spaghetti squash, set the table nicely and enjoy Sunday dinner with your family. Review your weekly weight loss plan and check your weight. If you followed healthy eating and exercise daily you should be pleased with your results. You earned them!

I hope you enjoyed my weekly plan to help you transform your life and achieve weight loss success. What is your weight loss goal and have you started working to achieve this?

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