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People always think that I am kidding them when I tell them that there really are ways to drop a few extra pounds this week. No, no, I'm not going to share with you some weight loss hoax or diet scam - I'm talking about doing it the right way. When it comes to weight, it really is the day to day decisions that lead to weight gain or weight loss, contrary to what you might believe. If you're looking to lose a little bit of weight or simply want to drop just a few pounds, here are 7 ways to drop a few extra pounds this week.

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Take a 30 Minute Walk

Walking is my favorite form of exercise and one of the best ways to drop a few extra pounds! The human body was meant to move and be active. Unfortunately, in today's society, many of us work sedentary jobs that require us to sit for most of the day. By adding in a thirty minute walk per day, or even three 10 minute walks, you will not only be burning calories but will be providing your body so many other incredible benefits as well! I like to hit the streets a few minutes after dinner. This way, I am using up the food that I just ate instead of storing it as fat!


Nix the Soda

Have you ever looked at just how many calories are in your favorite soda? Not only that, but how many of those calories come from sugar? Soda really is one of the worst things that you can consume and even worse when it comes to weight loss. With zero nutritional benefits and roughly nine teaspoons of sugar per can, soda is not a drink that any of us should be drinking. I have seen several of my clients drop more than just a few pounds simply by nixing their soda habit. Please don't reach for diet soda either! Diet soda is full of artificial sweeteners that only trick your mind and body, leaving you reaching for more sugar later on! Opt for water or unsweetened tea instead.


Swap Fried Foods for Grilled Foods

Not only is fried food full of health damaging trans fats, it is also much higher in calories than its grilled alternative. Fried foods wreck more than just your waist line! By making the swap from fried foods to grilled foods, you will be cutting out the unhealthy fats that lead to heart disease, leaving your body healthy, not only on the outside but the inside too! A few of my family's favorite swaps include baked sweet potato fries, baked potato wedges, faux fried chicken tenders and baked zucchini fries!


Choose Fat-free Dairy

The fat that is found in dairy products like yogurt, cheese, sour cream and milk is saturated fat which increases your bad cholesterol (LDL). Not only that but it is also higher in calories than if you were to choose a low-fat or fat-free dairy variety. My favorite form of fat-fee dairy is plain Greek yogurt. Fat-free Greek yogurt is high in protein but void of any artery clogging, unhealthy fat.


Choose Fiber Rich Afternoon Snacks

When the afternoon hits, it's very important that you choose a substantial enough snack that will carry you though the afternoon. If you choose a snack that is quickly digested like chips, crackers or soda, you will be left feeling hungry, yet again, a few hours before dinnertime. A few of my favorite fiber-rich afternoon snacks include an apple and peanut butter, peanut butter spread on whole grain toast, carrots and hummus or homemade trail mix! All of these snacks will keep you full well into the afternoon and up until dinner time!


Oats Instead of Sugary Cereal

Just like when choosing a filling snack, it is very important to choose a breakfast that will tide you over well into the morning. Sugary cereals are burned for energy very quickly, leaving you hungry often before you even walk out the door! Oats are rich in fiber and will help keep you feeling full until the next meal. By choosing a fiber-rich breakfast, the doughnuts in the break room won't be calling your name all morning long!


Increase Your Veggie Portion Size

Instead of eating more meat or more grains like pasta or rice, fill up on veggies! Veggies are very low in calories and are high in fiber, which will help fill you up instead of filling you out! When making your plate, try to fill half of it with veggies, one quarter of it with a protein and the other quarter with a healthy grain. Another trick I like to use is to start each meal with a large green salad. This way I fill up first on my veggies and leave just enough room (but not too much!) for the higher calorie options!

When it comes to weight loss, the small daily decisions add up to huge results. Take one day at a time and one meal at a time and within no time, the pounds will be falling off! Have you ever tried any of these tips to lose a few pounds? If not, what tips could you share on successful weight loss?

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