7 Smart Holiday Weight Loss Tips You Should Definitely Follow ...


7 Smart Holiday Weight Loss Tips You Should Definitely Follow ...
7 Smart Holiday Weight Loss Tips You Should Definitely Follow ...

As Christmas cookies, holiday candy and the scent of hot cocoa seem to fill the air, here are my holiday weight loss tips to save your waistline this season. You are filled with temptation and holiday cheer with parties everywhere you look but that does not mean you have to ditch your healthy eating plan and fall off being on the track to better fitness. Let me lead you as your trusted trainer with my holiday weight loss tips to better fitness and nutrition that will help you change your life:

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Live Life in Moderation

A cookie never killed anyone right, so do not sweat the small stuff. I bake cookies that are lower in fat by substituting some of the white flour for whole wheat and substituting with apple sauce instead of butter. You can create lower fat baked goods and entrees without sacrificing taste. Live life in moderation by just having one and you will love life even more. This tops my holiday weight loss tips because this is how to live your life without depriving yourself!


Avoid Processed Food

Nothing tastes better than homemade cranberry sauce rather than store bought. If you make this yourself with fresh cranberries you will avoid having refined sugar. A little bit of work in creating this will go a long way with your guests as they delight over this sauce and impress. Homemade is from the heart! This is on my holiday menu this season because it tastes great!


Create a Holiday Fitness Challenge

If you are off work over the holiday, lucky you! But remember being off work does not mean you should take a break from exercise. Set a fitness challenge for the holidays like increasing your weekly running miles, investing in some new fitness equipment or recruiting a friend to workout with. Whatever, enjoy your break as a time to find some new fitness fun you love!


Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those activities that you have to at least partake in once this holiday season (and all year round if you enjoy). Ice skating burns 500 calories in just one hour and works your legs and core. And this is a fun activity that can put you in the holiday mode!


Go for a Jingle Jog

Grab some friends and register for a jingle jog 5k in your area. Jingle jog races support the Arthritis Foundation and this is a great way to stay motivated to continue to exercise in the cold. Lace your sneakers with some jingle bells and listen to the large group of runner’s feet sing in harmony as each of their feet strike the ground and raise funds for a great charity!


Bring Health to Holiday Parties

When Grandma invites you to the holiday celebration do not show up empty handed or with a basket of cookies, create a healthy holiday dish to share. Why not bring a veggie platter or offer to bring some mashed cauliflower? This will alleviate Grandma of some preparation and provide you and other guests with some healthy options.


If You Fall off the Horse, Get Back on

If you eat more than planned at the holiday party do not fall off your healthy eating plan for good. Get back on track and keep going. Make sure you get your workout in, even on the holiday and realize life in moderation is key! A small dessert will not kill your diet, but a week of poor choices will cause you to gain weight and fall off track. So get back on track and keep going!

Have a happy and healthy holiday! And remember you can achieve amazing results with hard work, dedication and some holiday cheer! How will you stay fit and healthy this holiday season?

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