7 Goals That Will Help You Lose Weight ...


7 Goals That Will Help You Lose Weight ...
7 Goals That Will Help You Lose Weight ...

There are many goals that will help you lose weight as a result of achieving your goal. How great would it be to lose weight and transform your body without the stress? This can all be possible if you focus on a new goal. Studies show that people that lose weight and keep it off are focused more on achieving fitness goals rather than just focusing on the number on the scale. Here are 7 goals that will help you lose weight and have fun.

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Sign up for a Bike Race

If you begin training for a bike race, you will get so busy focusing on your training that the pounds will seem to just melt off. By registering for a bike race you are committing to not just a race but prior to training, which will add up to calories burned and inches lost! Registering for a bike race is one of the best goals that will help you lose weight!


Register for a Running Race

Registering for a running race is my favorite thing to do because it is all about committing to something greater than weight loss, it is about bettering your physical and mental health. I recommend beginning with a 5k (3.1 miles) race because this is achievable with minimal weekly mileage training. And running burns a whopping 600-800 calories in an hour!


Enlist in a Boot Camp

Okay, I am a little partial to registering for a boot camp class because I am an instructor of one, but it is the best form of total body training. I have helped so many body transformations, including myself, all from boot camp workouts. It has given me a boot in the right direction for weight loss and body changes and it can do the same for you. Just make sure that if you decide to enlist in a local boot camp, you are ready for the challenge.


Master a New Sport

It does not matter what your age or fitness level is, it is always fun and exciting to try new things, so why not try a new sport? You can register for a soccer league, volleyball, softball or even swimming in your age category. This is a great way to burn calories, make new friends and reach your weight loss without stress!


Join a Swimming League

Swimming is a great workout and most gyms have pools, so this is easily accessible if you belong to a gym. You can join a swimming league and even compete if you wish, so you can focus on a goal other than weight loss.


Master Dancing

Dancing is a great workout and a lot of fun. There was a period of my life when I went to dance socials with my friends on the weekends and lessons during the week. If you find that you are a talented dancer or you are ready to work hard to become one, you can even register for dance competitions. You can do some Latin dancing, swing, or whatever you wish. Ready to feel like you are part of Dancing with the Stars? Then register for dancing lessons and embark on fitness fun!


Register for an Extreme Challenge

Do something outside of your element by registering for an extreme challenge. This can be a challenge run, a longer bike race, a 2 day walk, or whatever else you would like to challenge yourself with. Better yet, do this for a charity! I recently ran the toughest 5k in my state and I have to tell you, as hard as it was, I loved accomplishing this goal!

If you make fitness goals you will lose weight without the stress over the number. What goal will you begin with first?

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I'm 38 in menopause due to cancer treatment .. I've been struggling with my weight.

Nice ideas. I still love yoga best & plan to get back to yoga classes this fall.

Super challenging this weight loss /:

This is a great list. Maybe something to accomplish all within a year or two.

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