7 Steps to Weight Loss and Better Health ...


7 Steps to Weight Loss and Better Health ...
7 Steps to Weight Loss and Better Health ...

You may be searching here and there for steps to weight loss. Between infomercials, the newest fad and everyone you talk to, you may be wondering what’s the best way for you to lose weight? The answer is simple - a healthy lifestyle of healthy food choices and exercise. I have the steps to weight loss that has helped hundreds of clients and now I am here to help you. Follow these steps to weight loss so that you can achieve your goals:

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Management Monday

Set a schedule which includes your healthy balanced food plan and your workout schedule. Go food shopping immediately with a whole grain, vegetable and fruit list and discard any unhealthy food in your home. Set a non -negotiable fitness schedule that includes both resistance and cardio training. Good time management is one of the biggest steps to weight loss success!


Tuesday is about Timing

Make sure you find the best time to exercise. If you are an early riser, workout early, or if you find you have the most energy in the evening, opt for a PM fitness session. Find what works best for your exercise time. As for food, also set a schedule of eating every 2-3 hours. If you are on a healthy eating schedule you will program yourself to not have unhealthy cravings.


Don’t Be a Wimp Wednesday

Working out is all about pushing yourself. I often push through pain and I always feel relief as a result. It is a weird feeling. You feel incredible pain as you push through a weight training session or a run and when it is complete you are in ecstasy! So today, as part of your weight loss steps I want you to push yourself in your workout a bit further by running longer or biking harder. Reach your inner athlete!


Thursday is about Teamwork

Pay it forward today and share your weight loss goals with a friend or family member. By sharing your goal you are now accountable to someone other than yourself. You may also motivate them to start their own weight loss program and better their health!


Friday is Time to Accept How Fabulous You Really Are

Understand that there may be some things about yourself you cannot change. Maybe no matter what exercise you do, you still seem to harbor more weight in your rear. Accept your body and learn to love it. You can tone and lose weight but do you love yourself? Learn to embrace who you are. This is a huge step in the weight loss process!


Saturday is about Savoring Your Family

Honor your family and savor the day by getting outdoors for an activity. You can head to the park for a game of volleyball, Frisbee or reach your inner child and fly a kite. Weight loss is about both the betterment of your physical and mental health.


Say Great Job Sunday

You made it through your first week of weight loss steps. Remember each day is a step closer to your goal if you just believe in yourself. You can do anything!

If you follow my steps to weight loss, this is a great way for you to work towards your goals. If you push yourself you can achieve any goal. What is your weight loss goal and have my steps helped you?

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I don\'t agree with Wednesday & pushing through pain. In order to change you must push your physical limits to the max, however if you experience pain, you should stop immediately. You could risk injury by running/lifting through pain. Maybe discomfort would\'ve been a better word!

I love this!! And perfect timing with tomorrow being Monday! I really needed this. Thank you!!

I love this article,thank you

I love this!

Inspiring & motivating ,thanks!!

This is awesome!

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