8 Unbelievably Great and Effective Weight Loss Tips for the Holiday Season ...


8 Unbelievably Great and Effective Weight Loss Tips for the Holiday Season ...
8 Unbelievably Great and Effective Weight Loss Tips for the Holiday Season ...

Weight loss tips are a must-have as we start the holiday season… who wants to gain ten pounds just because they don’t know how to avoid the winter weight-gain pitfalls? My dear, I can help. Here are 8 unbelievably great and effective weight loss tips for the holiday season… so not only will you not gain weight, you might even lose a pound or two! Yay!

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Make Time for Exercise

I know the holidays are a very busy time, but exercise should be a priority, too. I mean, what good is it to find the perfect holiday dress, if you can’t fit into it? Take time out of your hectic holiday schedule to squeeze in a fat-burning, stress-busting workout at least a few times a week.


Drink Water

Honey, hydration is key! Did you know that often, when you feel hungry, you’re actually thirsty? Before grabbing a snack, try drinking a glass of water… not only will your body thank you for the hydration, you might be able to forgo that calorie-laden treat!


Embrace the Veggie Tray

Most of the holiday parties you’ll attend (or host!) will have a veggie tray. They’re nothing to fear, though they’re far less popular than the dessert or cheese trays. Avoid the ranch dip (unless it’s reduced-calorie) and munch away on a healthier snack!


Don’t Buy Sweets!

We are guilty of sabotaging our own diets… so here’s one weight loss tip I have to share with you that you might not like — stop buying sweets! If you don’t buy them, they won’t be in the cupboard or candy dish to tempt you!


Eat before You Go

If you’re worried about willpower this holiday season, here’s a weight loss tip you’ll appreciate. Before you leave for Aunt Susan’s holiday soiree, eat a small, healthful meal, so you won’t be as tempted to devour her famous cheesecake bites.


Stay Away from Calorie-loaded Coffee Drinks

While you’re out doing a shopping marathon, you might be tempted to stop for a quick latte to keep your energy up, but they’re almost always loaded with fat and calories. A little caution, then — skip the whip, choose low-fat milk, and stay away from the mocha and caramel… most of the time, at least.


Find a Low-cal Replacement for Irresistible Goodies

The miracles of science have given us loads of alternatives to our weaknesses — low-cal or fat-free brownies, to start. Nearly every fattening, diet-busting, waist-line expanding treat or entrée has a low-fat or low-cal alternative. Test out a few and find a new fave!


Stop Stressing!

If you’re en emotional eater, take this weight loss tip to heart. Stop stressing! Make this a stress-free holiday by skipping the events that give you hives, and ban the people who make you want to eat an entire tub of cookie dough the minute they walk in the door.

With so many helpful weight loss tips to get you through this holiday season, there’s no reason you won’t have your hot fall bod when spring rolls around! Which of these weight loss tips do you think will be the most helpful, and why? Do tell!

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