7 Sure Ways to Keep the Pounds off This Holiday Season ...


7 Sure Ways to Keep the Pounds off This Holiday Season ...
7 Sure Ways to Keep the Pounds off This Holiday Season ...

Here are my tried and true ways to keep the pounds off this holiday season! With this time of year comes lots of good food, irresistible homemade sweets, and treats that you normally deny yourself. If you’ve been dieting all year, and working hard to drop a pound or two, then these tips are for you. Go ahead and indulge, you can do it guilt-free by following my tips and ways to keep the pounds off below!

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Eat before You Go

One of the ways to keep the pounds off this holiday season is to eat a little bit before you go. Some people think that if they starve themselves all day, they can pig out in the evening without adding any extra calories to their day. However, starving yourself leads to binge eating! Instead, nibble lightly on healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, so that you can indulge without overeating!


Start with the Good Stuff

By starting with the good stuff, I mean the healthier choices! Load your plate up with salad, veggies, and fruit, then choose one or two sweets instead of the other way around. By eating some real food with your sweets, you save yourself from a tummy ache later, and also get nutrition instead of only sugar. And of course, you help keep those extra pounds at bay!


Wear Tighter Clothing

We all tend to wear loose-fitting clothing when we know there’s going to be yummy food. On Thanksgiving Day, with all those pies and casseroles and yummy turkey, this is completely acceptable. But for those office parties, Christmas get-togethers, and every other holiday gaggle that wants to shove pudding and crumb cake in your face, you should heed this tip! Wearing clothes that don’t have any extra “room” to grow will help serve as a warning for you. If your pants feel a bit tight, you should probably stop eating.


Use a Small Plate

This is a way to trick your mind into thinking you are getting a lot of food when you really aren’t! Use a tiny plate, and fill it full of food. To your mind, your plate looks full so it seems like you are getting a lot of food. But since your plate is smaller, you are probably getting a portion size just perfect for you.


Drink Plenty of Water

You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true; water flushes your system out. So if you’ve been indulging in calorie-laden holiday foods, don’t skimp on the water! Keep your system hydrated and flush out all the sweet and saltiness you have been feasting on. You will thank me for it when the holidays are over and you haven’t put on 10 extra pounds.


Pick and Choose

Just because the table is heavy from all the fixings doesn’t mean your plate has to be! Pick and choose your holiday favorites. Everybody has at least one thing they look forward to food-wise this time of year. Choose your poison, and leave the rest for everyone else. If you take one of everything, it will get too comfortable around your waistline and outstay its welcome!


Don’t Quit Working out

Avoid slacking on your gym time just because it’s the holiday season! Getting busy is no excuse. If you stop exercising and start drowning in gravy and mashed potatoes, you will be depressed on New Year’s Day when you venture into the bathroom and step on the scales.

I love the holiday season; it’s truly the greatest time of year. But it’s also a fattening time of year, so these tips will help you to keep from gaining more weight than you want to. Don’t deny yourself altogether, because that will lead to binge eating. Just stay balanced and you will do great! What are your tips for keeping off the holiday pounds?

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Good tips!

Run your butt off and drink water it's easy

Great tips! Especially the tight clothing. When I'm wearing a tight shirt I definitely don't want to be looking bloated. Eating slower also helps a lot.

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