7 Ways to Lose 7 Pounds in a Cinch ...

Are there ways to lose 7 pounds in two weeks without following a restrictive diet? Because following an ultra restrictive diet can be exhausting and seem impossible to stick with. Can you make minor changes and still see great results? Absolutely and as your personal trainer, I am here to help you lose weight, better your health, and see the results you deserve in a cinch! Life is all about enjoying the simple pleasures and this includes living in moderation. Here are my ways to lose 7 pounds almost effortlessly.

1. Monday: Share Your Meals

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If you are out on the town and decide to dine out, make a healthier choice by sharing a meal with your dining companion. By sharing your meal you can save on calories. Not up for sharing? Then pack half of your meal in a β€œto go” bag to enjoy another day. This tops my ways to lose 7 pounds almost effortlessly because dining out can be a challenge!

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