13 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight without Taking Pills ...


13 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight without Taking Pills ...
13 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight without Taking Pills ...

You may have heard many different ways to boost your metabolism. Some of them are true, but some of them (as you likely have found out) are just said to increase metabolism and don’t actually work. Specifically, any diet pill that says it will increase your metabolism. Not only are they expensive, but they can also be dangerous if consumed over certain periods of time. Besides, there are plenty of natural, cheap ways to boost your metabolism without the use of pills! You may want to boost your metabolism for weight loss, which is fine. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, however, speeding up your metabolism can actually improve your digestion of food because it won’t be sitting in your body; it will be quickly used for energy!

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Build Muscle

Build Muscle This is one of the best proven ways to boost your metabolism naturally. Aside from genetics, body composition plays a major role in what your calorie burning capabilities are. Having a body with strong healthy muscles requires more energy to maintain than a body composed of mostly fat, thus muscles boost your metabolism significantly. This will permanently boost your metabolism, much unlike taking pills! Build up those muscles with strength training routines and maintaining a healthy protein intake for your needs. Don’t be afraid of looking bulky ladies, it just doesn’t happen!


Add Cardio

Add Cardio Building muscle isn’t the only exercising that needs to be done for a better metabolism! Studies have shown your calorie burning capabilities are elevated for hours after cardiovascular workouts. However, I will note that this is a temporary (although significant!) boost in metabolism, unlike building muscle. That means your metabolism is revved and you are a calorie-burning machine! Have you ever noticed feeling ravenous after a tough workout, especially cardio? That would be due to exercise-induced metabolic increases, meaning your metabolism increase plus what fuel you used for your workout burned through your fuel supply. So make sure you feed your metabolism with healthy food after your workout to restore lost energy!


Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy If you have ever heard of the raw food diet, you probably know that many people are thin and often consume 3,000 calories every day. Not all of them exercise, so that doesn’t explain why everyone who switches to that diet can eat so many calories without unnecessary weight gain. That’s why it makes sense eating an abundant amount of raw, whole foods increases your metabolism a lot. In addition to raw food, spicy foods like cayenne have been shown to raise metabolism temporarily. Healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados are also said to speed up your metabolic rate. Including some of these things in your diet would be a great place to start!


Sleep Well

Sleep Well This is often overlooked as a way to rev your metabolism, but it is so important! Getting enough sleep is significant, but getting high quality sleep is even more important. First, making sure you sleep at least 6 hours every night will ensure your food is metabolized correctly, because your metabolism cannot function as well (like everything else in your body) when you are sleep-deprived. Now, ensuring the sleep is quality will have you waking up energized and refreshed instead of tired. To get quality sleep, make sure you are relaxed before bed and no light can get in your room. I will note that your metabolism slows down when you are actually sleeping, but getting a good night’s sleep will raise your metabolism during the day after.


Drink Water

Drink Water It has been proven that the more water you drink, the better you will be at metabolizing your food. In fact, drinking 2 cups of water in the morning has been shown to boost your metabolism by 25 percent! Adding some lemon or green tea increases this even further, if you are looking for more flavor. Water is essential for all metabolic processes in our body, so it only makes sense that drinking more of it will increase your metabolism. I like taking a water bottle with me everywhere I go, so that it’s easy and portable!


Eat More

Eat More Eating more food increases your metabolism, it’s a simple fact. If you have ever heard of “starvation mode” you know what I’m talking about. Starvation mode is a term that refers to the slowing of metabolism in order to conserve energy (to keep you alive) due to little calorie intake. The solution? Eat more food! However, we all know that eating too many unhealthy, processed foods will lead to unnecessary weight gain. Eating a lot of healthy whole foods will increase your metabolism naturally and your body will be able to maintain on a higher amount of calories from the revved metabolism. You won’t increase your metabolism by eating 3,000 calories of junk food though, so be warned!


Take a Cold Shower

Take a Cold Shower This may be uncomfortable at first, but trust me when I say this works. You only have to put the cold water on for the last part of your shower, just so that you are cold when you leave. It is important not to do the cold portion at the start of your shower and then warm up with a hot shower. For this to work, you need your body to warm up on its own with its metabolic processes. If it’s winter time and you live in a cold climate, going outside works too. I always feel like this works in getting my metabolism working hard. It also feels like I’m burning additional calories because I am in constant motion (a.k.a. shivering) instead of remaining still.


Try Juicing

Try Juicing Many people go on juice cleanses to lose weight, and that's not at all what I'm referring to here, so no worries! Juicing fresh veggies, however, is one of the best ways to drop weight fast. Why? For starters, raw, fresh vegetable juice made from lower sugar fruits, veggies, and leafy greens, is one of the best ways to raise your metabolism, lower your blood sugar, ward off cravings and alkalize your body. When the body is alkaline, disease, weight gain and inflammation disappear. Buy a juicer that fits your basic needs, and budget.


Go Green

Go Green By now, I'm sure most of you have heard that green tea is great for weight loss and metabolism. This is no hype ladies! Green tea is excellent for weight loss, metabolism, quelling anxiety, improving joint pain, increasing heart health, and even aiding digestion. Drink up to three cups a day for best results and go decaf if you can't tolerate the caffeine in regular.


Walk More

Walk More Did you know walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your body, and your metabolism? The best part is, it's so easy! Walking increases blood flow to all parts of your body, and is one of the best exercises for reducing body fat, especially in your belly. Since it is a low key exercise, it lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol, which can be increased by intense exercises, actually contributes to a lower metabolism over time. To increase your metabolism, lower your stress and try walking. It is the most simple form of exercise anyone can do, and is one of the best to fight a sluggish metabolism.


Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting Most people think that to increase their metabolism, they need to go on a diet, but this is the worst thing you could do! While you should be eating healthy to increase your metabolism, dieting isn't the way to do it. When your body senses you're not getting enough calories, it will slow doan down and your metabolism will decrease. Instead, just eat smart, but don't diet. Make the right choices when it comes to meals and snacks, and you will lose weight, along with protect your metabolism. Overtime, dieting can cause a permanent sluggish metabolism, which is the last thing you want to do for your energy, and your weight.


Qualitatative Calories

Qualitatative Calories You're much better off eating smart, and avoiding a drop in your caloric intake. Try to get more qualities out of the calories you're eating, instead of cutting them. For example, your metabolism will run much more efficiently if you ate 140 calories from a quarter cup of almonds than it would 140 calories from a couple of processed cookies. Cutting calories isn't the whole answer. Choosing whole foods to fill your calories are!


Eat Fat

Eat Fat Believe it or not, fat is crucial to a healthy metabolism. You need fat for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, satiety, and to increase your metabolism. Fat is a critical part of your diet, and without enough of it, you'll not only lack energy, but be mood, unsatisfied, and your blood sugar might be a little off course. Eat 2 tbsp. of a healthy fat three times a day, and eat more healthy fats in your food from things like almonds, coconut, egg yolks, cashews, flax seeds, chia seeds, avocado, hemp seeds, etc.

Have you ever met anyone with a genetically fast metabolism and wished you were them? Now you don’t have to keep wishing – with these tips, you can combat your genetics and boost your metabolism with a healthy diet and exercise. Just do the best you can and take it one step at a time (there’s no rush!) to rebuild your broken metabolism. Do you have any natural ways to boost your metabolism?

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Spicy food also increases your metabolic rate. Eating 5 meals and eating at exactly same time everyday.

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