19 Fantastic Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight ...


19 Fantastic Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight ...
19 Fantastic Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight ...

In a world where time seems to be scarce you may ask, are there ways to burn fat faster so you can see results in less time? Absolutely. If you are willing to put in the work, you can see even better results in a shorter amount of time. I have trainer secrets that I will share with you that have helped countless clients lose weight almost effortlessly. These secrets are easy tips that you add into daily routine rather easily. Here are my ways to burn fat faster so you can achieve your goals results even quicker.

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Add Just 10

If you add just a ten minute workout, which could be through a walk, vigorous house chores, dancing, or your own cardio routine, you will burn 300 calories extra per week. This workout could add up to a 7-10 pound weight loss after a year. This is one of my easy ways to burn fat faster.


Work out with a Trainer

If you work out with a trainer that pushes you to do more intense training, you can actually burn almost double calories in an hour. If you are short on the funds, consider hiring a trainer once for every two week session. You can follow these routines on your own the other days. And the major payoff is that you can burn 600-800 calories with a trainer. Now that is worth it! And you'll lose 10-20 pounds safely in just one month’s time!


Eat a Brazil Nut Each Day

A single brazil nut provides your daily dose of selenium, an antioxidant that may play a role in preventing breast cancer and can aid in weight loss. Have one Brazil nut a day to help your weight loss goals. There are many studies that have shown that by eating 1-2 Brazil nuts per day, you can expedite your weight loss. So go ahead and enjoy a Brazil nut or two to a slimmer you!


H20 is the Best Way to Go

Are you drinking enough water each day? You should aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water to decrease bloating, suppress your appetite and you will help flush the toxins out of your body. Staying hydrated can help you to achieve your weight loss since often people confuse hunger with thirst. Water should be your main means of hydration. Studies show that drinking water aids in weight loss. Drink a glass of water before, during and after every meal and you will find yourself less hungry and eating smaller portion sizes. So hydrate yourself to aid in your weight loss goals!


Graze Throughout the Day

If you graze throughout the day by eating smaller meals, you will increase your metabolic rate and burn fat faster. So make your mini meal food plan filled with lot of veggies. Eat mini meals to achieve a leaner body and have more energy!


Have a Seat when You Can

To strengthen your quads and build muscle to increase your metabolism, have a seat in a squat hold. Your goal should be a squat hold of 3-5 minutes a day. This exercise added to your routine could add up to 3 pounds of weight loss per year almost effortlessly and a toned butt that will look great in jeans!


Small Changes Add up

If you make little changes like walking more often, taking the stairs and using free time as fitness time, you will lose weight. Just have fun with this and do not make this a chore because being fit is fun!


Eat Fat

One of the best ways to lose fat, is to eat it! Your metabolism will be sluggish if you don't eat fat, but just be sure to choose healthy sources for the best fat-burning abilities. Choose some of the most alkaline sources that offer anti-inflammatory properties. This includes avocados, almonds and chia seeds. Other great sources include hemp seeds, flax seeds, cashews and olives. These fats are great for your body and will actually enhance your metabolism. While you don't need to go overboard, eating healthy, moderate portions of fat can be a fantastic way so send your body into fat burning mode fast.


Take a Multivitamin

If you don't already, taking a whole food source multivitamin, like Garden of Life brand, or Rainbow Light brand, is a great way to enhance your metabolism. These multivitamins are rich in nutrients your body needs to burn fat because getting the right amount of nutrients each day is a great way to start your metabolism in the right direction.


Eat More Raw Foods

While you don't have to go full on raw, eating more raw foods is an easy, smart way to take in more nutrients and use less calories in your meals. Since you won't be cooking with oils, frying anything, sauteeing stuff, or heating the nutrients in foods away on the oven, your food will be more healthy for you, and satisfy you sooner. It doesn't take long to see the benefits of eating raw. Try it for yourself and see! This includes all raw plant foods, and eating no animal products of any kind. It isn't easy, but start where you can and go from there.


Try Juicing

I don't buy into juice cleanses at all, but I do believe that juicing in addition to a healthy diet can aid in weight loss. Why? Because juicing floods your blood and body with nutrients that satisfy you. You are naturally less hungry at meals when you juice in between them. You also crave healthier foods because your body is being nourished with detoxifying nutrients through raw veggie juice. I've tried it and can testify that my appetite was lower, and cravings for health foods were higher, when I juiced than when I didn't.


Walk Everywhere

I live in a rural town, so walking everywhere isn't really relevant for me, but I do make sure to walk around my neighborhood a lot, and when I go to the store, always like to park away from the entrance so I have to walk further. If you are lucky enough to live in a city, walk more! Leave that taxi and subway for days you're more tired or the weather is bad. Just walk more! It's easy, fun and gives you a great chance to be grateful you're even able to do so in the first place, since many like myself aren't.


Take Your Bike, Not the Car

Next time you're going somewhere, how about taking your bike instead of the car? Biking is a great way to lose weight fast. It burns calories, tones your thighs and tush, and is also fun! Give it a try and you'll even save some gas money too.


Eat at Home

Another amazing way to eat healthier and lose weight fast is to eat at home. Stop eating out! Even healthy restaurant meals contain added calories. Unless you prepare the meals yourself, it's really hard to know what you're even eating anyway, no matter how careful you order your entree. Eat at home more, and if you can't cook, start with simple stuff or try some cookbooks. We've also got tons of healthy articles here on All Women Stalk you can try out too!


Protein Power

When looking to lose weight, don't forget about protein! You need it my dear! Protein fuels your metabolism and takes longer to digest than other macronutrients like carbs and fats. This burns fat in the process and helps you lose weight. Just don't forget those veggies and greens! They're the perfect pairing to protein and will help you lose weight fast, plus give you lots of low calorie nutrients and chlorophyll to cleanse your body and renew it.


Don't Take Diet Pills

Now it's time for a few don't tips, starting with the most important. Dont' take diet pills. They only cause you to drop weight fast and then over time, they quit working and slow down your metabolism. You'll put on double the weight later, and be more hungry since the diet pills have quit working. Save your money and spend it on whole foods instead.


Don't Buy Diet Food

Don't buy packaged diet product, please! Those foods lack nutrients, are nothing but a marketing gimmic, no matter what celebrity is endorsing them, and they leave you cranky and hungry! Most of the ingredient labels look more like a science experiment than an actual food. Just choose simple foods that are found in nature. Your tastebuds will adapt and your weight will fall off your hips and thighs fast!


Don't Lose Hope

Just because the scale stops for a few days doesn't mean you should give up hope. Many times, the body goes into modes, much like a song does. It will slow down, pick back up and eventually find its way to where it needs to go. Your metabolism is the same. You may lose weight one week and none the next. It doesn't mean what you're doing isn't working. It only means the body is trying to make sure it isn't being harmed and that it continue on the road ahead with the changes you're making. Trust your body, time and your weight loss goals.


Don't Skimp on Sleep

Did you know one of the best ways to burn fat is to sleep more? It's true! Sleeping isn't only the best way to get your beauty rest, but it is also the time where your fat burning hormones are able to do their job best. Sleeping slows down production of the stress hormone cortisol that causes you to store fat and sleep also enhances the function of your leptin and ghrelin levels. Leptin and ghrelin are the hormones that let your body know you're full and when you're hungry. Lastly, the growth hormone of the body known as DHEA is also released during sleep, and it is your best fat-burning hormone of all, along with great for anti-aging benefits. DHEA can't be released efficiently unless your body enters a deep slumber for a certain amount of time. Aim for 8-9 hours and you'll lose weight much faster than if you just sleep 6-7 a night instead.

Now that you have my many tips on ways that you can burn fat faster, there is no reason not to make these changes. Are you ready for a new healthier and happier you? Then get moving and eating healthier!

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Drink a cup of apple cider vinegar and water in the morning on a empty tummy then eat your metabolism will work better

3-5 minute squat hold?! That's so hard!

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water is one of the easy way to do. keeps hydrated!

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You dont have to eat less you have to eat better

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