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Lose Weight in a Week to fit into a dress, look great in a swimsuit, or just give yourself a much-needed confidence boost. There are many reasons women want to know how to lose weight in a week. You've just been invited to a hot party, but it's only a few days away, and you can't zip your favorite LBD. So you're freaking out, wondering how you'll use three pounds in a week or so... sweetie, I can help! You're not going to lose a lot of weight, but two to three pounds, just enough to look svelte and skinny in that LBD. Here are the 10 best ways to lose weight in a week.

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Ditch the Fast Food

Honey, fast food is not your friend is you're trying to lose weight in a week. Or any time for that matter. Ditch the fast food and cook at home or brown bag your lunch instead. One McDonald's value meal contains all of the calories a dieter ought to be eating in an entire day, not just one meal... stay away!


Eat Small Meals

During your diet to lose weight in a week, you don't want to be hungry, so try eating smaller meals more often throughout the day. You'll keep your metabolism kicking, avoid the temptation of hunger and snacking, and ensure those three pounds will be gone at the end of the week.


Remove Temptation

If you have a weakness for late-night cookies and milk, get rid of them before you can be tempted this week. Same goes for crisps, chips, ice cream... you get the idea...


Use a Replacement

Special K and SlimFast, among others, offer diet success in a can, or bar. Simply eat two small meals, then replace two meals with a shake or meal replacement bar, and you'll lose weight in a week! Keep going with the diet plan and see how much you can lose in six weeks!


Try for Five

Atkins fans look away: some carbs are good for you, especially the ones in fresh fruit and veggies. That's why the USDA recommends five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.


Kick up Your Workout

If you're not working out, start. If you are working out, then kick up your regimen's intensity to help you lose weight in a week. On the elliptical and treadmill, add some time and some incline. Feel the burn!


Stay Hydrated

Did you know that often, when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty? Stay hydrated and you'll avoid excess eating, and you'll feel better and lose more weight!


Swap the Soda

Soda contains empty calories, the kind that go straight to your hips, tummy, and thighs. So this week, and hopefully forever, ban it from your diet. Or, if you're too dependent on the carbonation and/or caffeine, make the switch to low-cal or no-cal soda (which often contains nasty artificial sweeteners).


Don'T Cheat

You have only seven days if you're going to lose weight in a week, so every indulgence or minor cheat counts! Don't cheat, or you’ll be sabotaging your ounce-by-ounce success!


Weight in, Weigh out

At the start of your week, in the morning, weigh yourself. In one week, in the morning, weigh yourself again... then try on that LBD and bask in the glory of those two or three lost pounds! Hooray, you did it!

Implement all of these ways to lose weight in a week, and those two or three pounds will melt right off, and you'll be right back looking gorgeous in that LBD. Sweet! Bear in mind you'll have to do ALL of these tips to lose weight in a week, not just one or two of them, so get on it, lovie! And let me know how gorgeous you look in that Little Black dress!

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Everyone is different. Honestly, no one loses weight in a week. That is extremely unhealthy and is generally not able to be maintained if accomplished. Weight loss takes time. Realistic goals are the best way to stay happy and healthy. Allow the self a little leeway and time to adapt to a new pattern of living. ALSO quick rule of thumb. Sometimes people think not in terms of weight but how they look in a mirror...it takes up to 4 weeks to notices changes made to the body and 8 weeks for other people to notice and 12 weeks to maintain.

These are good tips

no offence but ive tried all of these tips and i havent lost any weight i do exercise alot and i still weigh 55 kg and im only 12 what should i do

I love your attitude Denise, even when people aren't very nice you are still very positive and pleasant.

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