7 Steps to Find Your Happy Weight ...

By Heather

Determining what is the “right” weight for you can seem daunting, so I’d like to share with you some steps to achieve your happy weight. What is a happy weight? It is the set point your body finds when you are naturally active and eat a healthy, balanced diet without any other efforts. For instance, you may think losing 10 pounds will make you healthy, but would it make your body happy? Would your energy levels suffer? Would your focus ability diminish? Would your appetite make you a mad crazy person? You get my drift. Simultaneously, if you’re underweight, will gaining 10 pounds make you a better person, give you more energy, lift your depression? The point is, we all need to be focused more on finding our happy weight instead of the perfect number we hang over our heads. Read on to get started!

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Throw Your Scale Away

I’m not one for letting things go to waste, but when it comes to finding your happy weight, you seriously need to ditch the scale. I haven’t stepped on one in years and don’t even feel the need to own one. Many people fear not knowing what they weigh, but for me, it can be one of the most freeing things to experience. I love not knowing what the number says, because I quit the comparison game. I know that I exercise daily, eat healthy, unprocessed foods and I have great energy. I don’t need a number to tell me my body is happy. I feel it and see it daily. If you’re addicted to your scale, throw it away! I’m not kidding, or at least donate it if you don't want to be wasteful. It is time you focused more on the quality of the foods you ate and being active. That is what your body desires, not to be forced into a weight it isn’t happy at.


Quit Restricting

I think we should all make sure we get substantial amounts of nutritious foods and leave the nasty processed junk foods behind. However, we shouldn’t restrict ourselves from higher calorie healthy foods if we are truly hungry. We also shouldn’t be afraid to eat more if we are hungry. Who said that the amount of dinner your best friend eats is how much you’re hungry for? Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s less. Stop eating when you’re 80% full. This will keep your blood sugar stable, and keep you from overeating and feeling stuffed. After the 80% rule, you don’t need to tell yourself not to eat. By not eating, you’re ruining your metabolism, and possibly causing weight gain due to it. Eat when you’re hungry; just choose healthy options.


Stop Size Obsessing

Just because your favorite model is a size 2 doesn’t mean that you should be. Or, if you want a curvier figure, yet your body is naturally straight, why are you obsessing about changing it to conform to the way another woman might look, or what size she might wear? It won't make you a better person, enhance your life, or change who you are. You were given your body for a reason. Embrace it! Case and point: I own almost 12 pairs of jeans and only two of them are the same size. The rest of them all fit me the same, yet are all a different size. This should tell you something: brands decide what size you wear, not your body. Who cares what size you wear? All brands of clothing and styles are made differently. Wear a size that fits you and honors your natural shape. You’ll only look better by doing so!


Stop Eating Junk

You can’t find your happy weight living off junk foods like Twinkies, boxes of cereal for dinner and shoving a bagel down your face for breakfast. Start eating healthy foods that are nutritionally balanced and cut out the refined sugars while you’re at it. These foods mess with your mood, your weight, alter your appetite and can be detrimental to your health. Your body wants clean, healthy foods so it can give you lots of energy, a happy mood, and of course, a happy weight.


Ditch the Diet Pills

Even natural stimulant products that contain caffeine are harmful and create a diet mentality that can be detrimental to your mind and your body. What are you telling your body by taking those pills? You’re telling it that it isn’t good enough to run on its own and it needs help from somewhere else to look something like the idea of perfection you hold in your head. This puts you out of your body, leading to you controlling it, which isn't what we are meant to do. It breaks my heart to see women living off diet pills because as a young girl, I too, fell for this mistake. It got me nowhere but an unhealthy metabolism, nervous energy and an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Your body doesn’t need chemicals and stimulants. It needs you to take care of it!

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Have More Fun

That’s right! Your happy weight can only be found when you enjoy your life and have more fun. You need to be around people that lift you up, participate in healthy activities with you, and that nurture you, not that lead you to an unhealthy lifestyle, put you down, or cause you to be in a bad mood. Get out and be more active and have fun! Your happy weight will find you when you do.


Cut out Alcohol and Cigarettes

I’m sorry, but this had to be said. I know it seems obvious, but I’ve heard of many women who will drink wine instead of eat dinner to put them to sleep, or smoke cigarettes to prevent eating. Other women I know drink on the weekends to “let loose” then wonder why they can’t lose the extra weight or get rid of their sugar cravings. You need to get rid of booze and nicotine in your life. They are only preventing you from having energy, being healthy, looking great and feeling great. In a crowd that’s drinking? Drink water and lemon instead. I know that sounds boring, but at the end of the day, you'll look great, and no one else will care that you didn't drink. You’ll be glad you didn’t give in to the nasty effects of alcohol. Don’t smoke cigarettes period, but especially to avoid weight gain. You’re only wrecking your metabolism now and setting yourself up for a lifetime of fighting your weight, and battling cancer risks. Alcohol and cigarettes aren't food, therefore you don't need them. Quit now, thank me later!

So what are your thoughts on finding your happy weight? Share them with me! It took me 15 years to find mine, and I can’t tell you how freeing it is to finally be here in this happy place.

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For all women, or even men reading this, I have something to say. Don't live your life worrying about how others perceive you. Sure, everybody wants to look good every day, and that's normal. But to obsess over even the smallest of things? Why would you want to live that kind of life? you should be out having fun, and not living in a dark shadow of worries. You are you. It is simple and 100% true. How can there be a perfect when every single person is different? Don't compare yourself to others or dislike yourself because you don't fit in the image of what you think is "good." If you want to eat a sweet treat every once in a while, eat it. Don't kill ourself over it! ENJOY your life, don't run from living it! Love yourself, support others, and be happy. These three things are the way to enjoy your life. That is my two cents. Take it or leave it, it's your choice.


I stopped using a scale long time ago, when I decided I looked fitter when I was heavier than when I was lighter. I had more muscles, more toned, fit into my clothes better and have better proportions. Proportions to me is the most important thing. Some people aren't built to be stick thin or curvy, but given the right proportions anyone could look absolutely amazing. Another mindset that I embrace is to accept who you are and what you are now. For me this acceptance is a way forward if I want to make a change. The instant I accepted what I was more aware of what I was doing that resulted in the change of body shape. Finally, every major change takes time. It took me 5 years to get to where I am, where I look into the mirror and happy with what I see. Thanks for the article!


I was just wondering by cutting out sugar do u still eat breads and grains? I'm genuinely curious as to the types of foods u eat:)

Happy weight is good. Great article. I have had an eating disorder for half my life, and I actually am extremely proud that I have managed to get to where I am, although its unlikely that I will ever fully recover from anorexia. Had I never been ill, my happy weight may have been higher, but I have maintained my best balanced weight for over a year now. My body seems quite happy with it, but it's just happy to be fed I guess. Yes, I'm marginally underweight. Yes, I still struggle, but I have easy days at least weekly. But I've managed this much. And I am proud of it. To me my happy weight is the weight at which physical and mental health are balanced. While gaining weight may have a slight physical benefit, the effect on my mental well being cancels it out. PS: it had nothing to do with others and societal pressure to be thin. Objectively I was a thin 8-year-old when I first started not eating, it only spiralled out of control years later.

I like the idea of getting rid of the scale! My sister and mother weigh themselves multiple times a day, as I used to myself but I was always so unhappy with the number no matter what it was. I'm much more secure with myself not knowing the number but feeling and knowing i healthy and making healthy decisions daily! Thanks heather!

force u to change it!