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If you are like me you always find it helpful to learn new tips to lose weight, since research is ever-changing! Weight loss is a battle for most but I have easy tips to help you to lose weight barely trying. Weight loss does not have to be continually on your mind. You can live and lose with ease if you follow these simple and effective ways to cut calories and see your results on the scale. These tips to lose weight will change your life!

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Add Extra Steps

Add extra steps throughout the day by parking further away at work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and adding a daily walk (or run) each day. By adding extra steps you can burn 300-500 calories extra per day. Burning 500 calories per day will yield a 1 pound weight loss goal and you will lose weight barely trying. This is one of my favorite tips to lose weight because it gets you active and will give you more energy!


Drink Your Water

Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. This will help eliminate bloating, suppress your appetite, and increase metabolic functioning. Note: Water consumption should be increased in hot climates or during vigorous exercise. Research shows by drinking 8 glasses of cold water a day you will burn an additional 70 calories (because your body has to use energy to heat up water throughout day).


Make Tiny Swaps

Swap out your evening bowl of popcorn for a bowl of veggies and lite dip and you will save 150 calories. Swap out your chicken sandwich for a chicken salad with lite dressing and you can save 200-300 calories. Tiny swaps can make a big difference on the scale and on your waistline!


Eat Your Breakfast

Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. In fact, studies show that people who eat breakfast have lower body fat, perform better at work and are in a better mood. So make some eggs, serve a low glycemic cereal, or have a healthy protein shake to start your day the right way!


Try a New Activity

Have you always wanted to sign up for ice skating lessons, tap dancing, pole dancing, or a swimming team? What are you waiting for? Try a new activity to expand yourself and get a great calorie burn. By trying a new activity you can have fun and lose weight barely trying!


Sharing is Caring

When you dine out make sure to share your meals. By sharing your meal you will save hundreds of calories and not leave full. Many restaurants now display calories on their menu so you will know exactly what you are consuming. Use this to your advantage and read up. You can enjoy yourself and still be mindful of making skinny food choices!


Downsize Your Dinnerware

If you eat on smaller plates and fill your plate you will feel like you are eating plenty. Whereas if you eat a small meal on a big plate you will feel deprived. So downsize your dinnerware so you will trick your mind to thinking you are eating more. If you eat the correct portion size you can save anywhere from 200-400 calories!

By making small changes you can make a big difference and lose weight barely trying. Will you share these tips with a friend so that you can both lose weight and make great lifestyle changes?

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The eating on smaller plates works a lot! Whenever I have macaroni I use a little saucer plate instead of a bowl because whenever you use a bowl you fill it up all the way.

I didn't like the sharing your food. There is a difference between eating till your full and being part of the clean plate club

Two things I saw wrong with these tips. The first, eating veggies with a dip won't do any good. Eat them without dip, period. Popcorn is actually a healthy snack if one munches on organic, butter free popcorn. The second, breakfast is essential, but there are certain foods that are healthy for eating in the morning and there are a lot that are unhealthy; sugary cereals, granola bars any foods with syrup. While these are good tips, many can misconstrue these as actually helping them.

That whole eating on a small plate rather than a large one. Do that. Saw it on "secret eaters" or something.

I'm 180lbs and 21 i'm trying everything i can to get to my healthy weight of 120 lbs this is a very helpful article thanks:)

The small plate idea really does work..drinking lots of water all day also helps a lot...not sure how practical food sharing is when you eat out, but asking for a take home box early in your meal instead of the end works for me..you don't feel like you have "left overs"like you do if you scrape a half-eaten meal into a box at the end of dinner...and you have lunch for the next day all ready...

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