7 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight like the Celebrities ...


7 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight like the Celebrities ...
7 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight like the Celebrities ...

There are many healthy ways to lose weight like the celebrities. Just because you do not have access or the funds for your own personal chef and trainer, does not mean you cannot lose weight and become healthier! There are many affordable ways to eat healthier and exercise if you put some thought and planning into it. Here how you can lose weight and get "red carpet" ready for your next event.

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Eat Mini Meals Throughout the Day

Be your own health chef and make a nutritious menu consisting of mini meals throughout the day. Focus on eating lean proteins, whole grains and avoid white carbohydrates. Eating often will keep you from feeling hungry and deprived, and it will rev up your metabolism and keep it kicking in high gear all day.


Eat Salad before Your Next Social Event

Celebrities often eat before social events so they are not famished or make the wrong food choices. By having some leafy greens, you will get your vitamins and a little fiber (to help you feeling full, not famished) and avoid overeating at the event.


Drink Plenty of Water

To curb your appetite and have great skin like the celebrities do, make sure you drink plenty of water. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water per day. Drinking water will keep you happy and hydrated, and it will also keep you from feeling hungry.


Sweat It out

Make a target cardio goal of 4-6 days per week of 45 minutes to one hour and sweat out the toxins, stress, water weight and feel great. Push yourself with target incentives, like, after you lose ten pounds, your reward will be a massage. There is nothing that feels better and burns more calories than a good workout sweat! And you can be your own trainer and as a result of your workouts look like a celebrity!


The Kitchen is Closed

Close the kitchen 2-3 hours prior to your bed time, just like health chefs do for the celebrities. By eliminating late night snacks you will lose weight and avoid waking up feeling bloated.


Have an Apple a Day

An apple a day keeps cravings at bay, and provides fiber and pectin which are both natural fat burners. You will see many celebrities have an apple as an everyday staple in their diet because of all the health benefits found in this miracle fruit! There are lots of apple varieties to choose from too, so whether you prefer tart and crisp of soft and sweet, there's sure to be an apple for you.


Have a Blast!

Find the exercise and diet that works for you and your schedule and enjoy it! Part of a healthy lifestyle is embracing and enjoying it. Once you can enjoy your life you will be a more balanced person and live like a celebrity!

Now that you know the healthy ways to lose weight like a celebrity you are ready to begin your new journey. Will you share these great tips with your friends and family and see if they are up for the challenge?

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i will try that tips this summer

I'm taking these already so ready to change my body look. :)

Why is there always two white girl and a black girl like....there's never a Hispanic girl

I'm on diet ! Overweight

I do the close the kitchen. I go to bed at nine but i take a shower at seven. So I say to myself that I can't eat any snacks after I take my shower.

Do a celebrity workout. Bodypump is the number one group workout that celebrities are doing.

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?!

It will be so good in summer

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