9 Weight Loss Hacks ...


9 Weight Loss Hacks ...
9 Weight Loss Hacks ...

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re in luck: I know a few weight loss hacks that can help, and most of them aren’t quite mainstream yet. Some you may already know, but some may come as a complete surprise. Which of these weight loss hacks can you add to your routine to help you shed pounds and inches for good? Let’s find out…

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Ditch the Diet Soda

According to research by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, people who drink diet soda are actually more likely to GAIN weight, than dieters who don’t drink soda at all. Diet soda is marketed as a smart choice for dieters, but it’s been proven to sabotage your diet, which makes you diet longer, which means you buy more diet soda… it’s a vicious circle! That’s why this tip is the top of my list of weight loss hacks. Avoid diet soda as much as you avoid regular soda, and you’re much more likely to lose weight.


Eat Small Meals, More Often

It’s seems counter-intuitive, that eating more often would help you lose weight, but it’s true for two reasons. First, if you’re eating smaller meals more often, you won’t be hungry, which means you won’t be as tempted to binge on less-than-healthy foods or to stuff yourself at your next meal. Second, eating more often keeps your metabolism chugging away in high gear, which means your body will burn more calories more efficiently, even when you’re at rest.


Fill up on Fiber

This is what makes the “no carb” diets so ridiculous: fiber is a carb, and fiber is also a dieter’s best friend. That’s why this weight loss hack is kind of a secret. But getting your recommended fill-up of fiber (about 25 grams per day) will help you lose weight, because it will keep you feeling fuller, longer, and it will keep your digestive system working properly. No carbs… ha! That’s so silly!


Color Your Meal

Here’s a good rule of thumb: the more colorful your meal, the healthier it probably is. A colorful meal is healthy, since it’s probably loaded with rainbow-hues of fruits and veggies, from bold red tomatoes to deep purple eggplants and leafy greens in between.


Swap Your Plates

If you have a tendency to overeat, try this simple but effective weight loss hack: eat off smaller plates. I’m serious! This will trick your brain and tummy into thinking your portions are bigger, even if they’re actually smaller than the ones you’ve eaten on your larger plates.


Take Your Time

Did you know it takes your body about ten minutes to register the fact that you’re full? That’s why you ought to eat slowly, savoring each bite, putting your fork down between bites while you chew. Eating slowly and taking small breaks between bites gives your brain time to realize your body is full.


Keep Hydrated

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is… hunger! So often, when you’re feeling peckish, you might actually be thirsty, not hungry. So before you grab a snack (even a healthy snack!), try sipping a little water first, to see if that satisfies you. Keeping well-hydrated can help with weight loss, too, by keeping your digestive system functioning properly.


Add a Workout

A girl can’t lose weight by dieting alone. Well, she COULD, but then she’d be the skinniest flabby girl ever, and who wants that? Adding a workout plan to your healthy diet plan will help you lose weight faster, and keep it off. Don’t be the skinny flabby girl; be the toned, fit girl!


Change Your Attitude

Successful, permanent weight loss isn’t about losing ten pounds for bikini season, then putting it back on, then taking it off, then putting it back on… it’s about making healthy lifestyle choices, long term, to get, and stay, fit and healthy and happy! Adopt a set of healthy diet and workout habits, and keep them, and you’ll find you’ll never have to battle the bulge again.

What a marvelous list! None of these ideas are altogether new, but they’re almost shocking, aren’t they? Especially about the carbs (fiber!) and eating more often! Which of these weight loss hacks surprised you, and which did you already know? Do you have any other diet secrets to share?

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Rule of the 3: eat every 3 hours/ main meals always with macronutrients ( lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs) exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes 3x a week!

I needed to lose wait fast and had awesome success ! My secret? I ate egg whites, kale steamed, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes fried in a small amount of butter, and blueberries or another berry. Every morning. I cut out all dairy and carbs. And for dinner I eat beef or chicken, with spices or just salt and pepper on my steak, lots more veggies and asparagus , and jasmine or brown rice. if i wanted stuff inbetween i ate veggies and fruits. Basically I cut out sugar and all the fruit I ate became sweeter, and all the veggies did too. I started drinking my coffee black, and it was in a matter of days that I loved having it without cream and sugar. I drink more water and teas. And I let myself have a small amount of bacon some times too. If im out with ppl, I just eat less!!! way less. I stopped diet sodas and tested them one day to see the effect, it was awful and I was soooo hungry for crap after. I found that cheese and dairy and breads, pastas and sugars were something that I could live with less of, and often not need it at all. I dont say no to anything, but I just am careful. Because bad stuff makes you crave MORE bad stuff. I lost 20 pounds in a matter of 2 months.

Any idea how to exactly count your calories?? I'm often confused as there are alot of methods online, which are always inaccurate :/

You can count calories using the app Myfitnesspal. In 16 and have lost 25 pounds since I've started using it! I also work out every day, which is a big part of losing weight as well.

Also, Im gonna start at the gym soon! Now I need to tone up for sure! I dont wanna go hard everytime, I wanna make it light enough so Im not afraid to go again the next day. And I will let the results determine how hard I work :) If I wanna see a rock hard stomach, Ill need to work at it.

Soda was the first and hardest thing, Dairy and carbs were the 2nd things I cut out.. And now I'm moving on to the sugar in my tea and coffee. I have lost almost 40lbs. But to this day soda is the hardest. Sparkling water is a good sub.

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