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7 Scrumptious Carbs That Will Help You Shed Pounds ...

By Lyndsie

You hear so many bad things about carbohydrates that it's easy to forget that there are great carbs for weight loss as well. When you're making changes in your diet, you have to be informed. Do your research and make sure you're giving your body everything it needs, including healthy carbohydrates. Don't worry, though; your research starts here! You need the resistant starch in the following fat burning carbs, so keep reading and start thinking about new recipes that use them!

1 Yams

'Tis the season, so I thought yams deserved the spot at the top. Go with yams over the holidays; you won't be ruining your diet. Just make sure you don't go overboard, because while yams are great carbs for weight loss, candied yams are a little much. As with everything, moderation is key, but since a half a cup of yams gives you 4g of the resistant starch you need, you don't have to avoid them completely at all.

2 Bananas

Both bananas and plantains are fantastically healthy. While cutting simple carbs is an excellent way to lose weight, you can lose even more by getting plenty of good ones. Based on a diet that includes 20g of resistant starch each day, a 5g banana is an excellent carb for weight loss. Bananas make great snacks but you can also add them to, say, your morning oatmeal.


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3 Oatmeal

Oatmeal makes for a filling, hearty breakfast. It sticks to your ribs and gives you the energy you need to get through the morning. It's also versatile so you can use it in many different recipes: certain cookies and cakes; turkey meatloaf; veggie burgers; and many others. Half a cup provides 4.6g of your daily 20g intake.

4 Legumes

Legumes of all kinds are wonderful carbs for weight loss as well. White beans, my personal favorite, are good for you even when they come out of a can, but a homemade batch is even better. The same goes for garbanzo beans, and at 2.1g, you can safely eat plenty of other healthy carbs throughout the day. Try lentils, peas, or carob, for instance!

5 Corn

This one makes me happy too. Corn is one of my favorite healthy carbohydrates, especially in the summer – for corn on the cob, of course! I adore fresh corn (but hate husking), although I'll take it frozen when it's out of season. Just as corn is good for you, so are corn based products, like corn flakes or tortillas. Again, just make sure you moderate!

6 Potatoes

As a Southern girl with Irish roots, I'm so glad it's okay to eat potatoes, as long as I don't go overboard. And keep in mind, this does not mean that French fries or fried potatoes are okay. Don't immediately go diving for the potato chips, either! However, a small potato only has 3g of starch, so bake them, oil them, or even mash them. Just go easy on any butter, salt, or sour cream.

7 Whole Wheat Pasta

Giving up pasta is hard – so don't! Just stick to whole wheat pasta instead. Now, out of 20g of potential resistant starch, half a cup is worth 6g of them. Keep that in mind and control your portions. Whole grain breads and pastas are much better than their refined alternatives, but you still have to be careful.

The best carbs for weight loss are nutritious and delicious, in addition to being necessary to your diet. From fats to proteins to healthy carbohydrates, your body needs certain things in order to keep it healthy. These carbs make sure you have all the energy you need to get through your day, all while being active and enjoying life! What are some of your favorite fat burning carbohydrates?


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