7 Reasons Water Helps Kick Start Weight Loss ...


7 Reasons Water Helps Kick Start Weight Loss ...
7 Reasons Water Helps Kick Start Weight Loss ...

Want to know how water helps weight loss? Many people still don't understand how something as simple as water helps you stay healthy and shed pounds. A better question would be, how doesn't it help you? There's a reason you're supposed to drink a lot of water every day, and believe it or not, losing weight with water is only one of the benefits. However, it does have a lot of advantages. If you're still iffy on the whole H20 thing, just check out all the benefits of drinking water – we'll make a believer out of you yet!

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It Keeps You Fuller Longer

If you want to know how water helps weight loss, just drink a glass of water before your next meal. It makes you feel full, not so much that you'll stop eating or that you won't eat enough to stay healthy, but enough that you won't overeat. In fact, if you're trying to start exercising portion control, drinking water before each meal helps significantly. Besides that, it helps ease any confusion in your body. Sometimes you think you're hungry, but you might just be thirsty or even emotional. If your feelings of hunger legitimately disappear after drinking water, then you'll realize you didn't really need a snack.


It Boosts Your Metabolism

Losing weight with water also works because it really gives your metabolism a boost! If you don't drink enough water, your metabolism slows to a crawl, which makes weight loss practically impossible. If you drink more (water that is, not booze!), then your body is able to burn way more calories without leaving you worn out or sick. A lot of health experts advocate a glass of ice water when you get up each morning, because doing so jump starts your mind and your metabolism. Win/win!


It Keeps You Hydrated

Naturally, water keeps you hydrated – that's one of the reasons it's so good for your metabolism. If you get dehydrated, you get sluggish – at best. At worst, you get sick, and that's not good. From a health standpoint, hydration is absolutely vital because it makes your body function properly. Additional benefits involve smooth, moist skin, luscious hair, and things of that nature. You'll feel better and you'll look better, in other words, and I can't think of a better situation than that!


It Eliminates Toxins

A lot of times, you have to look within and without to figure out how water helps weight loss. You see, when you drink plenty of water, you're getting rid of any toxins in your body. Toxins are natural, especially when you're burning calories. As well, have you ever gotten a massage? Did you end up feeling a little bloated, swollen ankles, all of that? It's because you didn't drink enough water afterward! When you exercise or otherwise take care of your body, it's like you're bringing all those toxins to the fore; to get rid of them, however, you have to rehydrate and really flush them out of your system!


It Keeps Your Muscles Healthy

There are many benefits of drinking water, advantages that are both associated with and separate from weight loss. For instance, water improves your muscle tone. They work better when you're fully hydrated, they contract the way they're supposed to, and as a result, you're able to exercise more. Even better, you won't be nearly as sore after even the most intense workout. Your muscles and joints work in harmony, and all it takes is roughly eight glasses of water a day!


It Helps You Stay Regular

If you're body's not working in tandem, then it's hard to lose weight. If you aren't digesting properly, then it's very hard to lose weight. It's also impossible to feel good, because you're constantly dealing with tummy issues. If you have stomach problems, or if an influx of fiber into your diet is keeping you from being totally regular, water helps. It gets things moving the way they need to move, if you catch my drift, which is vitally important when it comes to losing weight and being able to eat healthy.


It Improves Your Overall Health

If you want to know how water helps weight loss, just ask someone who drinks a lot of water how they feel. You can even ask them how their last checkup went. Why? Because people who drink water regularly, every day, have lower cholesterol, better heart health, and improved liver functions. They're immune systems are better, they don't get sick as often, and they feel great – which leads to more energy, which leads to more exercise, which leads to healthier eating habits, which leads to weight loss. See?

I hope this taught you a little bit about how water helps weight loss. Your body needs water to survive and thrive. The more you can drink, the better. It's so much healthier than soda, diet or not, and it's even a better choice than tea or fruit juice. I'm not saying never, ever drink anything else, although many people don't, I'm just saying that you should seriously think about making water your go-to beverage. Have you had success with losing weight with water?

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