8 Exercise Tips to Lose Weight ...


8 Exercise Tips to Lose Weight ...
8 Exercise Tips to Lose Weight ...

I used to feel like I was one exercise tip to lose weight away from making a big break-through. Have you ever felt that way? If so, I can help. The last time I felt like I was THIS CLOSE to a big weight loss epiphany, I talked to my ever-helpful personal trainer, and he gave me some very good advice. Here’s what he said. These are his 8 exercise tips to lose weight… to get you going, or to help you blast through that plateau. Let’s go!

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Get the Right Gear

If you’re serious about working out and losing weight, then you’re going to need the right gear! Outfitting yourself doesn’t have to be expensive, either — a good pair of trainers and an exercise bra can run as little as $30 for both. Not all exercise tips to lose weight are about pumping iron!


Make It a Priority

There are no exercise tips to lose weight that will work unless you make working out, regularly, a priority. If you can schedule TV time, or time for a mani/pedi, then you should be able to schedule time, about 40 minutes a day, to exercise.


Get Moving

Get moving: the best, most important, and easiest exercise tip to lose weight can be summed up in these two words. Sitting down is killing us, making us pack on the pounds our ancestors didn’t, because they moved. They walked. They worked on the farm. They didn’t sit on the couch and watch four hours of TV a night. They moved around, all the time!


Limit TV Time

Ah, yes, I already mentioned TV in passing, but it truly deserves its own line item. We spend far too much time, time we could be using for exercise, wondering what’s going to happen next on The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. If you don’t want to miss your favorite show, then drag the TV to the treadmill, and work out while you watch!


Kick It up a Notch

If you already are exercising, but you’ve stopped losing weight, maybe it’s time to kick your workout up a notch! During your weight training, add five or ten more pounds. Add incline and resistance to the elliptical, and another half-mile to your run.


Use the Right Fuel

Another one of the important exercise tips to lose weight is about how you refuel after a workout. It’s important to eat and drink within two hours of a workout, because this food and drink is used to repair and replenishing, not to sit around your belly as muffin top. Eat some lean protein and a few carbs, and don’t forget to rehydrate!


Stay Motivated

This exercise tip to lose weight can’t be overlooked, either. As important as it is to GET motivated to work out regularly, it’s just as vital that you STAY motivated. You won’t see results overnight, but they’ll come. Give your new regimen at least six weeks to start working, and you’ll start to see, and feel, how it’s working. Don’t trust your own eyes, or your scale, either… take an honest BEFORE photo, and use that to motivate you when you’re feeling uninspired. Look how far you’ve come!

With so many excellent trainer-approved exercise tips to lose weight, I hope you’re feeling truly inspired to get out there and actually USE them! I know I felt a lot better once I updated my gear and kicked up my old workout. Which of these ideas do you think you’ll find most helpful, and why? Do tell!

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