8 Awesome Ways to Lose a Couple Pounds Fast ...


Quick weight loss is generally not a good idea. If it´s taken you a long time to put the weight on, it´ll take a long time to get rid of it. So generally it´s better to take a long-term view and avoid attempting quick weight loss. But what if you just want to shift a small amount of weight? Here are some ways to lose a couple pounds fast …

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Cut Treats

The occasional treat won´t do any harm, but are there just a few too many goodies in your diet? A chocolate bar every day soon adds up to a lot of extra calories and with them some extra pounds. Limit your fatty and sugary treats, and you could soon shift a couple of pounds almost without noticing.



A quick weight loss can result from increasing your workout activity. The best approach if you want to lose weight fast is to do short but intense workouts that burn calories and fat. Try some situps, fast running or cardio activity, rather than gentle exercise like jogging.


Decent Diet

One of the best ways to lose a couple pounds fast is to eat a nutritious diet. This should consist of ample fruit and vegetables, lean protein such as fish, nuts and beans, a little healthy fat like olive oil and unrefined carbohydrates such as brown rice.


Unprocessed Foods

Much of our diet today consists of refined and processed foods made with white flour and refined sugar. This is not healthy; refined foods give us sudden bursts of energy which we use up quickly, and soon become hungry again. So if you want a quick weight loss, cut out these foods and replace them with the unprocessed version.


Drink Water

Another tip for quick weight loss is to drink lots of water – and only water. Juice, milk, and sodas all contain calories, so replacing them with water will cut down on the number of calories you´re consuming, without losing any nutrition. Don´t replace sodas with the diet version, they are not good for you.


Cooking Methods

A really simple and easy way of losing a couple of pounds is to alter your cooking methods. Are you in the habit of frying everything? Frying adds lots of unnecessary calories – just think of how much oil you are consuming! Grill your food instead, or invest in a steamer.


Smaller Portions

This doesn´t mean consuming ridiculously small portions of food, but rather reducing the size of your portions by just a small amount. Sometimes we add more and more food to our plate simply because it´s there – if there are leftovers, leave them! Save them for another day.


Little but Often

Some people find that adopting the ´little but often´ approach helps them lose a few pounds. This means eating smaller but more frequent meals. This could be a good approach if your lifestyle allows – it helps you keep up your energy levels and consume enough calories and nutrition.

If you´re aiming for a quick weight loss, it´s important to be realistic. Only try to shift a small amount of weight in a short space of time, and don´t try any fad or crash diets. And don´t lose weight for the wrong reasons, such as someone telling you that you should. Have you found any safe and effective ways to lose a couple pounds fast?

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kinda disappointed... Seeing to me this all seems like common sense :-/ I was hoping to read some unknown secret lol guess not

green tea helps a lot, just don't add sugar, drink it plain

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