Top 10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods ...


Top 10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods ...
Top 10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods ...

Weight loss friendly foods will help you in your quest to lose some pounds. So what should you be including in your diet if you want to lose weight? We all know what not to eat, but which are the weight loss friendly foods? Here are some excellent foods for weight loss

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Are sweet foods your diet downfall? Grapes are sweet enough to satisfy any cravings and make a great snack. You can even freeze them, which gives a sorbet-like texture, so served in this way they´d be an excellent dessert substitute.


Meat Substitutes

There are so many meat substitutes on the market today, and they are easily available in supermarkets. Such products are weight loss friendly foods, as they are low in fat and calories. Try using them in your favourite recipes instead of meat.


Hummus and Bean Dips

Are you a snacker? Hummus is a great snack to keep in the fridge – you can easily whip up your own if you keep a store of cooked garbanzo beans. Hummus and other bean dips are tasty and satisfying, and can also be used to make sandwich fillings or toppings for baked potatoes.


Low-Fat Dairy

If you include dairy products in your diet, then an easy way to cut down on calories is to buy the low-fat versions. As well as skim milk, opt for low-fat yoghurts (although be careful of their sugar content) and low-fat cheeses, such as cottage cheese (parmesan is one of the better hard cheeses).



Oats are one of the great foods for weight loss. Why is that? Well, they´re full of fibre and keep you satisfied for longer. Have oats for breakfast and it´ll keep you going until lunchtime; you won´t be tempted to snack mid-morning and add unnecessary calories.



As we all know, fiber helps fill you up, and apples contain quite a lot for their size. The other good thing about them is that chewing takes quite an effort, so you´ll feel that you´ve consumed more calories than you have.



Lentils aren´t just a boring food for vegetarians! They´re a good choice for weight loss, as they provide a good source of protein without the fat that meat contains. Try them in ´meat´ loaf, burgers or stews – they´re a real winter warmer when the weather´s cold.



Mushrooms can be included among the good foods for weight loss. Their thick, meaty texture means that they are just as satisfying as meat. Of course, you can use them in dishes with meat, but include more mushrooms and little meat.



If you´re not into spicy food, then getting the taste for it may help you lose weight. According to studies, chillis help burn calories after eating – just be careful that you don´t overdo it!



When you want to lose weight, try starting your meal with a soup course. This will help fill you up and ensure that you eat less of the main course and dessert. Do remember to make healthy vegetable soups, avoid eating too much bread, and don´t add cream!

These are just some of the weight loss friendly foods that can help you shift those excess pounds. Of course, they´re not miracle workers and you´ll need to take other factors into account, but these foods can play a useful part in your weight loss regime. What are your favourite foods for weight loss – can you suggest any that are tasty as well?

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Grapes are pretty much just sugar.

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