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Are you looking for ways to jumpstart your metabolism? As you wake up with sleep-filled eyes, you may question if you should lay in bed for another hour or get up and exercise. Stop thinking and start doing because if we think to much about anything, let’s face it we will never do it. Little changes like adding in a morning workout will jumpstart your metabolism and help you to become a fat burning machine. Sounds good, so where do I sign up, you may be thinking. Well let me show you! Here are the ways that you can jumpstart your metabolism every single morning:

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Eat an Apple

To boost your metabolism and break the all night fast of not eating as you are asleep, have an apple. Apples provide pectin to your body which is a metabolic booster and this is a great way to start the day and jumpstart your metabolism.


Start Your Day with a Workout

After you have your apple, get outside and get your workout in. By starting your day with a workout, you will burn calories, boost your metabolism and set the stage for making healthier choices throughout the day. If you start the day on the right foot by being active, you will feel better with more energy to fuel the day!


Do Intervals

To jumpstart your metabolism, do high intensity bursts of exercise every few minutes and then drop it down a bit, and repeat. By adding interval training into your workout, you will burn more calories in your exercise session and while at rest!


Have a Green Shake

Have some kale, fruits, coconut water, and flax seed mixed into your very own power shake. This shake will help fuel your day, and replenish your body and jumpstart your metabolism after your high intensity workout. And what a great way to start your day!


Drink Cold Water

Drink several glasses of cold water on your commute to work to rid your body of toxins, increase your metabolism and flush out your kidneys. Just do not drink more than 2 glasses of water or you may have to stop the car for a bathroom break ;-).



As you arrive at work, take a deep breath and stretch your muscles. Today is going to be a great day because you are going to make it that way. Life is what you make of it. Stretch your arms above your head and just breathe. Now do several arm circles to release tension in your shoulders, as well as tone them. And while doing this, you are burning calories!


Be Positive

If you start the day with a smile and a positive attitude you will accomplish more throughout the day and find yourself being less stressed. Your approach to life affects all that you can achieve. So just be positive, believe, work your butt off and you will achieve! This is coming all from a woman who has a jam-packed schedule with work and activities every day. I still take the time to sop, smell the roses and show my little ones they are loved. So listen to me, I will help you!

Hope these tips will help you to jumpstart your metabolism, lose weight and achieve your fitness and health dreams! What do you do when you wake up?

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I like to go for a run in the morning and I only eat something before running if I really feel hungry and then it's usually half a banana :) and I try to drink at least half a liter of water before going to work.

I'm going to start drinking a green shake and workout in the morning my morning routine would be better

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