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7 Ways to Have a No Diet Approach and Still Lose Weight ...

By Tara

As a successful personal trainer for over a decade, I have changed countless lives all with a no diet approach because I believe diets do not work. If you are on a diet, this is often a temporarily solution as opposed to a lifelong, healthier lifestyle change. And most people go on extremely restrictive diets that are not realistic to stick with, so they find themselves deprived and disgusted and then they fall off their program. So how do you lose weight and get great results without being on a diet? Here is my no diet approach to help you lose weight and transform your life:

1 Combat Your Genetics

Based on our genetics we all have a fast, slow or middle acting metabolism, so does that mean we are stuck at our current weight for life? Absolutely not. Combat your slow metabolism by exercising more and eating more mini healthy meals. You can combat your genetics by making healthy changes and still have a no diet approach to life.

2 Get More Activity

Stop sitting down and writing what you should be doing and get active to start doing it. If you get more physical activity by aiming to exercise for 45 minutes to one hour four to six days a week, you will begin to see the weight melt off. So get moving and you will have great results with a no diet approach to life!

3 Exercise with More Intensity

Continual research supports that exercising with greater intensity produces greater weight loss results, so what are you waiting for? Start pushing yourself in your workouts and if you do have the endurance to do this for longer, go for intervals. This will also provide you will ample recovery to rest and then begin again. And you will see results without stressing while being on a diet!

4 Eat Healthier

Not having to diet does not mean you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want; be mindful of your food choices. Make sure to eat mini meals of veggies, whole grains and fruits and never eat past 8pm. Listen to your hunger cues rather than eating out of emotions or boredom. And eat healthier to a leaner and lovelier you!

5 Make Little Changes

Little changes make a big difference, so why are you not doing them? Make over your refrigerator by stocking it with fruits and veggies and remove all temptation. Dedicate a room in your home for your fitness workouts. Lacking the room for fitness equipment? No worries, you can use a small area to do fitness DVDs, abs, weights, and cardio in place. This is a great way to meet your weight loss goals!

6 Drink More Water

If you drink more you will find yourself less hungry, you will have more energy and this will aid in your weight loss goals. So how much water should you be drinking? Based on your activity level you should drink between 8-12 glasses of water (more on hot days and when you are exercising). This will also help to eliminate bloating and help your muscles to recover more efficiently from your workouts.

7 Surround Yourself by Support

Let me just tell you, fit friends rock! I have a lot of friends all of varying activity levels but my fit friends really get me because they support me in my workout goal and never judge. Some may call it obsessed but they (along with myself) call it dedicated. And we all support one another with our goals and achievements!

Hope my tips will help you to lose weight without the stress of being on a diet, and live the life you deserve. So tell me, what are your weight loss goals and what motivates you?

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