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Most people indulge as a part of a celebration so often when they should really focus on simple weight loss tips and a healthy lifestyle. It can be a constant battle when every week at work there is a birthday, anniversary or retirement and then you go home to celebrate a family party. And at every party there is plenty of high calorie, fat laden food. So what should you do and how will you get on track? Read simple weight loss tips to help you lose weight healthily so that you can achieve all your goals and more:

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Sit down

One of the biggest problems people often do when eating is stand up and eat while they are distracted, or eat while they are cooking and there is no actual focus on what or how much they are eating. This eating is called mindless eating because no thought is put into it. To lean down and lose weight, start sitting down because this is one of the best simple weight loss tips that actually works.


Plan Things out

With all the chaos of life, running here, there and everywhere, we can nosh on constant snacking and lose track of the amount of food we consume. Cut the guess work out and plan your meals for the week so you will be sure to be on track with eating healthy, lose weight and be less likely to fall astray to these healthy choices.


Get Real

If you love brownies and could not imagine your life without them, do not give them up forever because this will leave you feeling deprived and more likely to stop your health plan. Compromise and make a healthier take of your high fat brownie recipe. If you get realistic and learn to live life in moderation you will lose weight, feel great and never feel deprived again!


Be Proud of Your Cart

Walk into your local grocer with confidence and you make healthy choices and look at your cart as if it was your stomach. You would not want to pour junk into your stomach so leave it out of your cart. When you put your fruits, veggies and whole grains on the conveyor belt, trust your choices and these choices will be reflective on the scale!


Get up and Get Moving

People often sit at desk jobs for 8-10 hours without any activity and the result is a slower metabolism and lethargy. Get up and get moving to visit your coworker and discuss your new project rather than doing it all through email. If you move more, you will lose weight and embody a healthier lifestyle.


Find Fit Focused Friends

Join an exercise class and you may even get an added bonus of meeting some new fit friends. Just as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. If you surround yourself with some fit friends, you can relish in your ambition. You can even team up for a group race!


Make Fitness Part of Your Life for Love

If you make fitness a mandatory task, you will find yourself loathing your workout. But if you look at exercise as a privilege, you will exercise with greater intensity, purpose and the aftermath will be greater results!

Hope these simple weight loss tips will help you to lose weight, get in shape and have a happier and healthier life! So tell me, I am curious, what is your favorite fitness activity and food?

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