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Helpful Strategies to Slim down Effectively and Quickly ...

By Tara

As time quickly passes, before you know it summer will be here, so follow my strategies to slim down effectively and quickly. If you do not start making changes in your life today you will find yourself overweight and out of breath for the summer. So stop stressing and get working by following my guided, effective strategies to slim down, and you will be thankful after you achieve hard-earned results!

1 Water is the Way to Go

One of the simplest and best things you can do for your body is drink water, so why aren’t you doing it? If you tell me water is boring, no worries, add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber to add a change of pace to your ordinary H2O. This will help you eliminate bloating and this is one of my simple strategies to slim down.

2 Make Fitness Part of Your Life

I just returned from a weekend away celebrating my 34th birthday and I indulged in my meals, had a great time but still found time to run 12 miles because fitness is part of my life. Sure I sprinted the miles to squeeze them in a short duration (1:25 minute), but I prioritized this. If you make fitness part of your life you can always manage to find time.

3 Make Healthy Changes

Simple changes in your life add up, like cutting out bread from your dinner, drinking more water, adding an extra ten minute workout into your day and making healthier food choices. All these changes add up to make a big difference to slim down quickly. Transform your life to a healthier you!

4 Get Plenty of Greens

Start eating more vegetables to get your daily intake of fiber, satisfy your nutritional needs and slim down. When in need of a snack, nosh on some carrots, and when you are looking for one cereal you should have for breakfast, ditch the cereal for a spinach fruit smoothie!

5 Eliminate Late Night Snacking

Late snacking can be sabotaging your slim down plan, especially if you are snacking on the wrong snacks. Until you get on a healthier track, why not eliminate the possibility of this self-sabotage? Instead, get to bed earlier and you can boost your metabolism and increase your brain functionality!

6 Intensify Your Workouts

As you read and hear about all these intense fitness programs you may wonder if there is something to this science. Well as your trainer, I am here to tell you there is! If you intensify your workouts, you can burn more calories in your workout session and even later at rest. Not convinced? Well give it a try so you can be convinced when you see amazing results that you will achieve!

7 Become Friends with Your Scale

Stop stressing over the scale and weigh in. The National Weight Losers that keep weight over for over a year have demonstrated success from weekly weigh-ins because it keeps accountability. Even if you are up in weight from an outing, it is important to face the music and get back on track. So make friends with the scale so you can achieve great slim down results!

Hope you will utilize these tips to slim down and get in shape. Remember, with hard work and dedication you can decide your size, shape and fitness level. Are you ready to make the choice?

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