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7 Ways to Slim down for Vacation ...

By Tara

As you countdown the days until your getaway you may also be looking for ways to slim down for a vacation. Hollywood, Mexico, Disney or wherever you are traveling, it doesn’t matter how many dynamite outfits and sexy shoes you pack, if you are over your ideal weight, this is going to bring you down. And no girl is wants to wear a bathing suit (definitely not a bikini) if she is insecure about being overweight. So stop stressing and get working on the ways to slim down for a vacation because you deserve to feel great!

1 Get Moving

Start getting creative in the ways you can squeeze in your workouts like doing leg lifts while you blow dry your hair, squats while you wait at the train, using the stairs always, and parking farther away from any destination. All these little changes add up and this, along with eating healthy, will help you as one of the many ways to slim down for a vacation.

2 Drink Lots of Water

Drink 8-12 glasses of water to alleviate bloating and flatten your stomach. Add lemon slices and some ginger zest to alleviate bloating even more.

3 Focus on Eating 70/30

Let’s face it diets do not work. The word die in this word is reflective with outcome of what happens when sticking to it. Rather than going on a restrictive plan you cannot stick with go on a 70 % healthy eating plan and 30% non-strict eating. The non-strict eating can be going out to dinner once a week or having a piece of chocolate each day. If you eat healthy 70% of the time, you will see great changes and slim down for vacation.

Athena_Ky really works...

4 Set Weekly Goals

Have three months until you go on vacation? So what are you waiting for set out a slim down plan. If you set out a 12 weekly plan of weekly goals you will stay motivated and this will help you to stay on track. At the end of each week if you meet your goal you should reward yourself by buying something small for your vacation. This is a great way to stay motivated to slim down for your vacation!

5 Set a Weekly Menu

Planning on sticking to a 70/30 food rule? Well make your life easier by setting out a weekly food plan. I always plan what I will be eating in advance so I am less likely to stray. This is one of the best ways to stay on track and lose weight. Make sure you include whole grains, veggies and fruits in your healthy food plan.

6 Buy Your Dream Bikini

Looking for a little extra motivation? Well it is sitting in the shopping mall! Buy a new bikini so you have another goal to work towards. Make sure you buy this bikini in a realistic size, I recommend one size down, save the receipt because you just may need an even smaller size after you slim down and reach your goal. Are you ready for the challenge?

7 Make Fitness Fun

Make sure you exercise at an intense level for 45 minutes to one hour on 3-4 days each week. If you have time to exercise more, even better. Make sure you have fun in whatever fitness routine you choose. I like to exercise with different challenges like doing a longer squat hold, more push-ups, or a quicker run. By keeping yourself challenged you will decrease boredom and this will help you stay on your slim down plan.
hope my tips have helped you to slim down and get in shape for vacation! Have a healthy and fun getaway!

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