7 of the Absolutely Easiest Ways to Lose Weight ...


I have a few little secrets to share with you about the easiest ways to lose weight. They seem so simple but I promise you, they are simply magical. If you apply these then you will find that the weight just falls away. These are some of the easiest ways to lose weight and they don’t involve any counting, meetings or anything else complex.

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Eat Less

One of the very easiest ways to lose weight is to simply eat less. If you eat less, the weight will come off. You do not have to count calories, fat grams or points. If you cut your portion size back, losing weight is going to happen for you. How much should you eat? Eat enough that you are no longer hungry and no more.


Move More

This goes hand in hand with eating less. In fact, my physician says the way to lose weight is in four simple words. “Eat less, move more.” And she is right. If you will follow this formula faithfully, you will shed weight in a hurry. Even adding in little bits of extra exercise in your day count.


Take a Walk

Taking a walk is one of the simplest ways to get your exercise in each day. The good thing about walking is that nearly everyone can do it. It doesn’t require any special equipment although a good pair of walking shoes does help. You can also walk almost anywhere. Aim for at least 30 minutes of walking most days of the week.


Drink Water

If you swap out your sodas, juices and coffee beverages for water, you will see a dramatic decrease in your weight. I know several people who have lost weight simply by changing the beverages that they drink. Water is best for our bodies, too. Aim to get at least 8 glasses of water a day and more if the day is exceptionally hot. After a while your body will learn to want water instead of other beverages.


Break the Salt Habit

Most of us consume way too much salt on any given day. This is true even if you never pick up a salt shaker. Most of the foods that we eat are loaded with sodium and this is especially true for prepackaged items. Cutting the amount of sodium in your diet will not help you lose true weight but it will fight bloating. So, it rids your body of water weight and give you an awesome confidence boost to keep you motivated to follow these other tips.


Swap Condiments

I think that we forget that condiments can add a lot of calories to our diets. I know that I have forgotten that at times. The fix for this is simple. Swap out your condiments. Aim to choose lower calorie options. This can pay off big time, especially over a period of time.


Don’t Eat Late at Night

This is an age old piece of advice but one that we don’t often follow like we should. Try your best not to eat very much after your last meal of the day. I try to have no more than a light snack before bedtime. I usually aim for something light like yogurt, popcorn or a piece of fruit. Late night calorie consumption is bad because you don’t have much time to work it off before you go to sleep.

These seven little tips are really all you need to have complete weight loss success. But there are more wonderful tips, I am sure. What are some success tips you have learned that helped you with weight loss?

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I don't usually like to drink water so I'm going to have to start filling up the drink bottle

HA! How to lose weight...eat less and exercise. Who would have ever thought, this is earth shattering stuff right here....


I have lost a lot if weight by drinking water. About 12-15 ponds. Good tips!

These are awesome tips.........I have another one. The biggest thing that contributes to your weight is your metabolism, the faster it works the more food and calories you burn. That's why you should eat breakfast, it starts off your metabolism early in the morning and keeps it going all day. (:

Great advise!


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