24 Summer Weight Loss Tricks That Take Just One Minute ...


24 Summer Weight Loss Tricks That Take Just One Minute  ...
24 Summer Weight Loss Tricks That Take Just One Minute  ...

Summer. It’s probably the best, most fun season in terms of being able to get and about and spend time with your friends in some glorious weather, but one definite consequence of this is that the need to shift those few extra pounds becomes more and more urgent the closer you get to having to put your swimsuit on! Of course, we all like the thought of working out and toning up much more than the actual reality of doing it. That is, unless, you can package some effective weight loss tricks in just sixty short seconds! Here are some summer one-minute weight loss tricks that build up to lost pounds!

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Swap Juice for a Juice Spritzer by Mixing Your Favourite Juice with Some Sparkling Water for a Less Calorific Beverage


Every Time You Eat an Unhealthy Snack, Put Some Money in a Jar and when It’s Full Give It to Charity


Make Sure to Always Study the Wrappers of Snacks. You Might Be Surprised by How Many Hidden Calories They Contain


Always Pack Your Own Lunch Rather than Buying from a Store or Canteen. It’s an Easy Way to Ensure It’s All Healthy


Use Olive Oil as a Bread Dipper Instead of Melted Butter. It Does the Same Job for Much Fewer Calories


Have Something like Yoghurt, Porridge, or a Smoothie for Breakfast and Curb Your Appetite by Sprinkling Flaxseeds on It


However Much Water You Are Drinking Now per Day, Double It and You Will Definitely Reduce Your Hunger Cravings


Trick Your Taste Buds into Thinking They Are Receiving a Sweet Treat by Popping a Menthol Cough Drop


Whenever You Are Feeling Lonely or Bored, Call a Friend for a Chat Rather than Heading to the Kitchen for a Snack


Keep a Food Journal of Every Single Thing That You Eat Every Day. It Will Help You to Identify Areas That You Need to Work on


Rather than Drizzling Olive Oil over Dishes, Instead Add Oil to a Mister and Spray It over. the Oil Gets Evenly Distributed Even Though You Actually Use Less Product


Never Opt to Buy the Bigger Package of Something, Even if the Cost is Only a Tiny Bit More. You Might save Money, but You Certainly Won’t save Calories


If You Go on a Nice Gentle Jog, Add Sprint Intervals to Get Your Heart Rate up Higher and Burn More Fat and Calories


It’s so Easy to Overeat Pasta Due to Picking the Wrong Portion Size when Cooking. You Can Pick up a Dry Pasta Measurement Tool Online and You Will Never Have This Problem Again


Go to See More Scary Movies at the Cinema. when You Are so Busy Hiding behind Your Hands, You Have Less Desire to Reach down and Eat Popcorn!


Whenever You Want to Indulge in a Little Snack, Pay for It by Dropping and Doing Ten Sit Ups or Push Ups to Rectify the Balance!


Sometimes, Smelling Food Can Actually Quench the Cravings That You Are Having so before You Put Something in Your Mouth, See if Inhaling the Scent is Enough!


When You Eat Soup, Make Sure That It is of the Chunky Variety. It’s Still Nice and Healthy, but It Just Feels More Substantial and Filling


When You Have a Cheat Day and Order a Pizza, You Can do Yourself a Little Favour by Blotting the Excess Grease from Your Slice before Eating It


Avoid the Foods in Stores That Are Marketed as Being ‘lite’, They Often Contain Additives That Aren’t Super Healthy. Instead Just Fill Yourself with Real Heavyweight Low-calorie Foods like Fresh Fruit and Veg


When There is a Choice to Have Fish over Meat or Poultry, Always Go for That Option. Especially when Something like Salmon or Tuna is on the Menu


Fill Your Kitchen with Inspirational and Motivational Quotes on Sticky Notes. This Will Help You to Think Twice when You Are Reaching in the Fridge for a Snack. My Favourite is Fridge Pickers Wear Bigger Knickers


When You Are at a Social Event, Swap Your Usual Wine Beverage for Champagne Instead, It is Lower in Calories


Instead of Getting Together with Your Friends and Just Sitting around at a Bar or House, Organise a More Active Outing Together like a Hike or a Swimming Trip

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