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Tips from Weight Loss Experts on How to Lose Belly Fat Fast ...

By Lydia

There are lots of amazing motivated women reading this site right now who are about to embark on a life-changing fitness journey, and if you are one of them, them congratulations! Committing to making changes is the biggest step! When it comes to thinking about the kinds of things that you want to be doing and the areas that you want to be attacking, the issue of belly fat is one that seems to come up again and again in our demographic. If you’re carrying a little bit extra yourself and want to get rid of it, then it’s fair to say that some methods are definitely better than others. Here are some tips from weight loss experts on how to lose belly fat fast!

1 Protein

You should be aiming to eat lots of protein because it will help you to feel fuller for longer and can rev up your metabolism to help burn calories quicker. Some excellent sources of protein include beans, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and nut butter.

2 Cut out Refined Carbs

Some carbs like whole grains, vegetables and fruit are good for weight loss and belly fat reduction, but you need to avoid what are known as refined carbs which include things like white bread, sugar and white pasta. Hidden refined carbs are often packed into sugary soft drinks too.

3 Healthy Produce

You need to try to ‘eat the rainbow’ to effectively burn belly fat, which means consuming healthy foods across the full spectrum of nutrition. Fruits and veggies, as well as lean proteins, will stop you from needing to snack throughout the day, and it is these snacks that usually start to cause problems with things like belly fat in the first place.


You can make your body burn calories much faster if you commit to doing HIIT training, which is the form of exercise where you go super hard for a short session and then follow that with periods at a slower pace. Working out in this manner can really kick start your metabolism as well making your body burn fat much faster than with any other kind of exercise regime.

5 Resistance Training

Along with your HIIT, you should also try to incorporate some resistance training into your routine. Weight training builds muscle, and also results in your body burning more calories than normal when you are in your rest periods. You can come up with a resistance training schedule that focuses mostly on your core and abs for best results.

6 Manage Stress

The less stressed you are, the less likely you are to want to comfort eat, and the more likely you will be to able to maintain a positive workout schedule. Getting a good night’s sleep every night at regular times can also contribute to a lower stress level, and also gives your body ample time to recover from the exercise that you are putting it through.

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