Top 5 Best Weight Loss Tips for Summer ...


Top 5 Best Weight Loss Tips for Summer ...
Top 5 Best Weight Loss Tips for Summer ...

The summer is the time you want your body to look its best. Stripping down to a swimsuit or bikini can be really positive and affirming when you know you are in good shape. Here are my best weight loss tips for the summer.

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It’s said by everyone that to lose weight you must eat fruits and veggies. The great part about summer is that almost everything is ripe, so get on the fruit and veggie bandwagon. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of veggies look up recipes like ‘cauliflower buffalo wings’ so you eat something yummy that’s healthy and half the calories as normal wings.



Water! Water! Water!
The summer is hot and you should be drinking water anyways, but if you’re trying to lose weight water will become your best friend. This will fill you up and help you stay refreshed.
If you’re someone who doesn’t like plain water you can try:
- seltzer water
- adding fruits to add flavor
- Dasani flavor drops
- coconut water
- aloe water (with this you either love it or hate it so try some before you buy 10)
- tea (Unsweetened)



It’s summer you should be outside having fun. Staying active is one of the best ways to maintain a toned and healthy body. If you’re not turned on by the idea of exercise try these fun and simple summer activities out:
-swimming (of course)
- going for walks (park your car far away from the place you're visiting so you can get in some extra steps, and if it’s under 2 miles walk there, plus don't forget about hiking!)
- beach sports (volleyball, frisbee, even throwing a football)
All of these things are super simple and can lead to a very active lifestyle!



Getting 8-12 hours of sleep can help you stay refreshed and ready to get out of bed in the morning. This doesn’t mean going to bed at 1 am and waking up at 12. No, set a time to sleep and time to wake up so your body gets used to it. A nice time to sleep is 8 -11 and wake up 7-10, that way when you wake up, it’s not already afternoon and you feel refreshed.

Pro tip: don’t take naps! And if you do make it 90 minutes, so you’re body doesn’t recharge for too long and you feel nice when you wake up.



You may think skipping meals helps your weight loss journey, but in the end, it truly doesn’t. When you skip meals you develop bad habits that could lead to worse down the road. This could also cause you to binge from lack of nutrition.
You should eat your meals like:
Breakfast (biggest meal)
Lunch (Medium meal)
Dinner (Smallest meal)
This along with a light snack in between will help you to stay full throughout the day.

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