50 Genius 💡 Ways to Lose 🗑 10 Pounds ⚖️ ...

Are you currently looking to lose a small amount of weight, just ten pounds or so? If you are, then join the club! Whether you are still carrying that extra holiday weight, or you have recently gone overboard whilst enjoying your summer vacation, there are plenty of things that you can do to get back in to fighting shape. Here are fifty, yes fifty, 50 ways to lose 10 pounds!

1. Stay as Hydrated as Possible, Thirst is Often Mistaken for Hunger

2. When You Have Made a Plate of Food, Divide It by Two and Just Eat That Half Portion

3. Try Going Completely Meatless for a Period of Time to See if the Extra Fruit and Veggies Help

4. Or Even Better, Go Vegan. Eating Cheese Can Often Be a Secret Weight Gainer for People

5. Avoid Pre-Packaged and Frozen Foods and Instead Focus on Eating Fresh Produce Every Day

6. Stop Relying on Takeout and Frozen Oven Food. Learn How to Cook Healthy for Yourself

7. Cut out All of the Sweet, Sugary Food from Your Diet. Stick to Savoury and Natural Sweetness

8. Eliminate Empty Carbs from Your Diet, Things like White Bread, Pasta, and Pastries

9. Cut out Alcohol. You Would Be Surprised by How Many Hidden Calories There Are in Drinks

10. Take a Five to Ten-minute Walk Once Every Hour, It Can Really Add up at the End of the Day

11. Buy Something like a Fidget Spinner That Can Keep You Occupied when Bored Instead of Snacking

12. Sleep It off Rather than Eat It off. Getting Rest is Much Better than Spending Time Snacking!

13. Have Lots of Sex! the More Sex You Have, the More Calories You Burn!

14. Call a Friend to Have a Chat. It Will Keep Your Mouth Occupied and You Won’t Think about Eating!

15. Start a Blog about Something You Love. It Will Give You a Purpose in Your Spare Time and You Won’t Have as Much Time to Snack

16. Be Brave and Tweet Your Weight Every Couple of Weeks. It Will Inspire You to Keep from Posting Negative Numbers

17. Find a Workout Buddy to Exercise with. a Little Natural Competition and Encouragement is Great

18. Make a Competition out of Your Weight Loss with Friends, Family, or Co-Workers. It Will Keep You on Track

19. Commit to Have Every Plate of Food You Eat Be Two-Thirds Vegetables

20. Get into Nuts. They Are Super Healthy and Make for the Perfect Weight Loss Snack

21. Eat One Grapefruit Every Day. They Can Really Help with Weight Loss Regimes

22. Always Pay for Things with Cash. Studies Have Shown That Those Who Pay with Card Are More Likely to Pick up Fatty Snacks

23. Avoid Sweet Scented Perfumes like Vanilla. They Have the Power to Trigger Unnecessary Hunger!

24. Leave Post It Notes around the House to Encourage You to Keep on Track of Your Food Intake for the Day

25. Learn to Knit. It’s Time Consuming and It Keep Your Hands Busy!

26. Sign up for a Long Run and Commit to the Training Regime for It. You Won’t Want to Let Sponsors down

27. Join a Local Sports Club. Netball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer ... They Are All Great Exercise!

28. Cut out All Sugary Drinks from Your Diet. They Are a Leading Cause in Hidden Calories

29. Make the Decision to Cut out Desserts from Your Meals. You Don’t Need Them, Be Strong!

30. Join an Online Program like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. It Provides You with Great Recipes and a Supportive Community

31. Work Standing up at Your Desk Rather than Sitting. It Leads to a Less Sedentary Lifestyle

32. If You Can, Get a Cool Treadmill Desk. They Are Perfect for Working and Being Active at the Same Time!

33. Get into Soups. There Are Great Soups out There That Are Satisfying and Healthy

34. Avoid Fad Diets. They Just Lead to Yo-yo Weight Loss and Gain

35. If You Can Stand It, Just Quit Snacking Full Stop. Only Eat at Your Defined Meal Times

36. Go Gluten Free. It Can Be a Really Revelatory Short-Term Change

37. Buy the Smaller Packs of Everything Rather than Larger Ones. You Will Simply Have Less to Eat!

38. Whenever You Can, Leave Your Car at Home and Walk or Cycle Instead

39. Never Skip Breakfast. a Good Healthy Breakfast Can Stop You from Snacking All Day

40. Don’t Drive to the Gym, Run!

41. Add More Yoghurt to Your Diet. It’s Really Good for Maintain a Healthy Weight

42. Cut out Potato Chips. They Are Too Easy to Much on and Are Too Unhealthy for Their Small Size!

43. Go on a Cycling Holiday with a Friend or Loved One. They Are Really Fun and Keep You Super Active

44. Go to Stickk.com and Sign a Contract with Yourself That States if You Don’t Lose the Ten Pounds, You Have to Give Money to Charity!

45. Weigh Yourself Daily. the Thought of Having to do It Will Keep You on Track

46. Add Meditation to Your Daily Routine. It Will Help to Centre You and Keep You Focused

47. Drink Eight or More Glasses of Ice Water Every Single Day

48. Take Some Time to Unleash Your Creative Side. It Will Boost Your Self Esteem and Keep You from Snacking

49. Brush and Floss Your Teeth after Ever Meal. You Won’t Want to Ruin Minty Fresh Breath with Snacks

50. Instead of Actually Binging, Just Fantasize about All of the Junk Foods You Want Eat. Sometimes the Imagination Can Cure Your Cravings!