All the Tricks You Need to Lose One Pound a Week ...


All the Tricks You Need to Lose One Pound a Week ...
All the Tricks You Need to Lose One Pound a Week ...

Since one pound is equivalent to 3500 calories; to lose 1 pound a week, break it down to creating a deficit of just 500 calories daily. If you make small changes in your daily life, this will add up to make a big difference on the scale and help you to ultimately meet your goal. Simple things like a 30 minute workout, eliminating cheese, ditching the sugar drinks, becoming more active and tracking your steps can help you to lose at least one pound a week. And you will slim down and get in your very best shape this year!

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30 Minute Workout

human action, person, human positions, sitting, leg, Depending upon your weight and the intensity of your workout you can burn between 250-350 calories in 30 minutes. If you weight more, you will burn more calories. And high intensity workouts do expend more energy equating to more calories burned. So make the most of every possible fitness moment and use this trick to help you to lose one pound every single week.


Lowering or Eliminating Cheese

food, dairy product, cheese, cheddar cheese, animal fat, Lowering your intake of cheese can lower your cholesterol, lower your fat intake and help you to slim down. This is a step in the direction of helping you to lose your one pound weekly goal. So kick that cheese to the curb, your goals are way more important!


Give up Your Sugar Drink

clothing, footwear, fashion, leg, human body, Your sugar laden drink can be contributing between 250-600 calories to your daily intake and completely sabotaging your slim down plan in the process. So swap out your sugary drink for water with a splash of lemon. This is refreshing and will help you to reach your one pound weekly weight loss goal.


Taking the Stairs

human action, human positions, sitting, clothing, thigh, Taking just several stairs a day can help you to burn 100 calories and will be a step in the process of helping you to burn your 500 calorie daily goal! Get climbing!


Cutting or the Sweets

beauty, fashion, brand, glasses, model, Easier said than done, cutting out the sweets is definitely not the easiest thing to do but it will be worth it. No sugary snack is worth standing in the way from you achieving your goals!


Wear a Step Tracker

human action, person, clothing, girl, lady, Make sure you track your steps so you have instant feedback to ensure you are active enough throughout the day. Devices like the fitbit can help motivate you with the instant data to ensure your optimal activity to burn your 500 calorie daily deficit!


Track Your Calories

eating, meal, breakfast, food, dish, There are countless online food tracking programs to ensure you are making healthy choices and also that you are not over eating. Just make sure to follow this plan, track everything and measure out to stick to your proper portion control. Another step in the right direction to losing your 1 pound weekly goal!


Step Away from the Scale

white, clothing, underpants, active undergarment, undergarment, This might sound crazy but seriously the scale is your biggest enemy when on the journey of weight loss. Instead of monitoring your weight daily or weekly do it monthly. Also keep in mind you may be gaining muscle so the numbers won't change much, but as long as you feel good about your progress physically (feeling better, improving on fitness levels) then the scale doesn't matter.


Find Motivation

person, clothing, muscle, arm, violinist, Whether it's a vacation that's been booked, an outfit hanging in your closet that you're dying to wear, or a special event like a wedding, just find something that's going to push you to keep trying on days you're ready to give up.


Celebrate Your Victories

clothing, image, fun, male, leg, Sure, one pound a week doesn't sound like a lot but that's 52lbs a year! Make sure you set goals and when you achieve them you celebrate. Say for every 5 pounds you lose you get a special bubble bath and then when you reach 20 you get new jeans. Just give yourself a reward system so failure isn't an option.

With these simple tricks to help you to lose 1 pound weekly, follow the plan and you will be at your goal in no time!

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So Tara is suggesting two things, 30 minutes of daily exercise to burn extra calories and reduce your calorie intake by avoiding sugar in drinks. Sounds ok to me

Oh me oh my , I have made a terrible mistake.


Sugar is bad for you!

Replace water with sugary drinks jumpstart the weight loss

Replace sugary drinks with WATER @OhMeOhMy10

You should burn 500 calories MORE THAN YOU EAT, not just per day😉because you can burn 500 calories a day, but eat like 1500 calories per day and you will not lose weight 😊

Cheese has nutrients, no sugar, and tastes good. Im keepong it!

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