10 Unexpected πŸ€” Food and Drinks 🍫🍷 to Help You Lose Weight βš–οΈ ...

I want to start off by saying that I don’t think there’s one secret food or drink that will guarantee you get your dream body. The best way to make a change is by nourishing you body and exercising regularly. That being said, when a few foods and drinks prove they can lend a helping hand, I never say no!

1. Tequila

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Let’s start with what I consider the most shocking item on this list: tequila! Alcohol is notorious for sneaking in empty calories to your girls’ nights out, so I was really surprised to see that this one actually has benefits. Tequila has been shown to promote weight loss because the agavins within the drink (a type of sugar from the agave plant) actually repress appetite. So, as strange as it sounds, the more you drink, the less calories you consume! Unfortunately, I don't think this counts for margaritas. But, a shot or two of tequila every once in a while can help you shed pounds in the end!

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