21 Weightloss Retreats ✈️ for Girls Looking to Lose Weight βš–οΈ in a Comfortable Environment 😌 ...

If you like the idea of a vacation where you focus on losing weight in a beautiful setting you might have been put off by thinking you really don’t want a boot camp experience. You want somewhere that isn’t the intensity of β€œThe Biggest Loser” but that still gets results. You want to be challenged but you still want to feel like you’re on vacation. This list might just have the place for you.

1. The Body Holiday – St. Lucia

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This heavenly location in St. Lucia not only offers an amazing getaway, but the retreat offers a choice of programs like Beat the Bloat or Lose It, Tone It, and other activities like mountain biking and kayaking. Not only will your body benefit from the experience, but your social media posts will never have looked so beautiful!


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