This 👆🏼👈🏼 is How You Can Lose 20lbs ⚖️ over Summer ☀️ ...

The summer is a great time to lose weight because of the minimal clothing and sunny skies; this is pure motivation alone for most. And if you are like most of the clients I train, you are likely on a mission to lose weight. You may even have a goal to lose a large amount of weight, like 20 pounds. So use the summer as motivation to lose an intense amount of weight and supercharge yourself to conquer goals! And to help you started let me share me you my tips as a trainer, your writer and fitness lover!

1. Avoid Late Night Snacking

In the summer with longer days and nights out it can be tough to avoid late night snacking. But if you are snacking on unhealthy food late at night, you can put your weight loss in jeopardy. So protect yourself and the decreasing number on the scale by avoiding late night snacking!