This is How You Can Lose 20lbs over Summer ...


This is How You Can Lose 20lbs over Summer ...
This is How You Can Lose 20lbs over Summer ...

The summer is a great time to lose weight because of the minimal clothing and sunny skies; this is pure motivation alone for most. And if you are like most of the clients I train, you are likely on a mission to lose weight. You may even have a goal to lose a large amount of weight, like 20 pounds. So use the summer as motivation to lose an intense amount of weight and supercharge yourself to conquer goals! And to help you started let me share me you my tips as a trainer, your writer and fitness lover!

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Avoid Late Night Snacking

, In the summer with longer days and nights out it can be tough to avoid late night snacking. But if you are snacking on unhealthy food late at night, you can put your weight loss in jeopardy. So protect yourself and the decreasing number on the scale by avoiding late night snacking!


Get out Early for a Workout

person, sports, human action, jumping, freestyle walking, Rise and shine early to beat the heat for an intense workout. With slightly cooler temperatures you can push yourself a bit harder and unleash your inner fitness beast. You can achieve your 20 pound weight loss goal this summer: just step to the challenge!


Use the Extra Daylight to Get in a Brisk Walk

winter, sunglasses, sea, With the extra hours of daylight, you may find yourself with more energy and alert ready for a workout. So go ahead and get the incredible results you deserve by getting out for a brisk walk. And since this is your second workout of the day, this will help you to transform your body and your life this summer!


Grill All Your Meals

food, dish, produce, meal, vegetable, For guilt-free healthy meals, use your grill on a daily basis. One of the exciting things about summer is with warmer weather you may find yourself wanting to get out to grill. This means healthier meals with less fat and also less to worry about in terms of cleaning. You will not have to worry about cleaning up your kitchen! So grill away and have a blast!


Swim for a Workout

swimming, freestyle swimming, sports, swimmer, underwater, Use the water to cool off and get your workout in while you are it with a swimming session. Swim laps on a regular basis and use your water time as extra workout time. Enjoy the gorgeous weather as you burn mega calories and feel great!


Use Your Bikini as Motivation

clothing, swimwear, blond, model, thigh, For riveting results, you may need a little extra motivation, so hang out your goal bikini and use this to get you up and moving. Make sure you exercise for 6 to 7 days every week and eat healthy. If you stick to the healthy lifestyle you will lose weight and have loads more energy!


Drink Lots of Lemon Water

produce, finger, caipirinha, leg, hand, For sensational results, drink plenty of lemon water on a daily basis. Lemon is a natural diuretic so this will help you to keep bloating at bay and avoid confusing hunger with thirst. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water on the daily to slim down, shape up and blast away at your 20 pound weight loss goal!


Fill Your Days with Plenty of Yoga

human action, human positions, sitting, sports, leg, Did you know that yoga can help you lose weight, stay in shape, increase your flexibility as well as balance, and is overall a great mindful activity to help you stay grounded? If not, well, now you do so there shouldn't be anything stopping you from getting right into yoga this summer! It's a great way to shed those extra pounds you want gone asap!


Get Your Beauty Sleep Every Night

hair, person, clothing, woman, beauty, Did you know that we can actually lose a little bit of weight overnight while we're catching up on our beauty sleep? This can be a great motivator to ensure you get your 8 hours sleep every night and really focus on maintaining a healthy and regular sleep cycle! Plus, the longer you give your body to sleep the more healthy, bright and refreshed your skin should look in the morning!


Stay Inspired and Focused

human action, clothing, underpants, active undergarment, undergarment, And last but certainly not least, if you really want to lose 20lbs over summer this year, you're going to need to ensure you stay completely focused until you reach your goal! Don't be distracted by anything else on your journey, and remember to keep yourself super inspired each time you get closer to reaching the goal!

So have a sensational summer enjoying the gorgeous weather as you work hard to achieve your 20 pound weight loss goal! And make sure to have a blast in the process. Because you can do anything you put your mind, heart and a little bit of sweat into!

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I need to get done to 180 I have lost 100 LBS and I so want to lose more weight

Like I want to lose weight but theirs also hot Cheetos in my house sooooo

Thanks... No need for me to read it then. Lost 20 lbs on my own since the beginning of the year

I need to lose 20 lbs in 2 months quickly. Pl help as to what I should eat and what to avoid- apart from regular junk food! I am on with the workout ofcourse..

Awesome , thanks I'll google it !

I need to lose 15 pounds, how do U do it then ?

Band camp

@Clea mahon So is the author, which you would know if you read her bio.

Keto genic diet is a great way to lose weight fast

Im 17 years old and im "over weigt" and I want to lose 25 pounds before my prom, but im always eating at night and im just in horrible shape lol, i started going to the gym, but the days I dont go I feel like I gain everything bavk

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