Supercharge Your Way to a Bikini Body with These Diet Secrets ...


Supercharge Your Way to a Bikini Body with These Diet Secrets ...
Supercharge Your Way to a Bikini Body with These Diet Secrets ...

Summer is in full swing and if you want to rock that bikini before it’s over, you might be trying to overhaul your body. I’m all for wearing it right now instead of waiting until you feel like you look better. Why waste the summer covered up? On the other hand, I’m also well acquainted with the feeling of wanting to look better first. Try these ideas to get where you want to be so that days at the beach are as great as they were meant to be.

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Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

The great thing about fruits and vegetables when you’re trying to trim down is that they are high in fiber, which keeps you feeling full, but low in fat and calories. By simply adding more of them to your plate and cutting back a bit elsewhere, you can save loads of calories without a ton of work. The more variety the better!


Weigh and Measure Your Foods

One of the biggest reasons why you might be heavier than you want to be is that it’s very easy to underestimate how much we’re eating. Pull out your measuring cups and a kitchen scale and weigh and measure everything you eat for a few days. You might be surprised that your portion sizes are too large, which can really hinder your bikini body efforts. Once you have a better handle on portion size, you’ll likely see your body getting smaller.


Pay Attention to Your Drinks

Many women fail to account for what they drink, myself included. However, soda, cocktails, energy drinks and juice can derail all of your efforts if you don’t balance their calorie content out with what you eat during the day. Most experts advice choosing water when you’re trying to fit into your bikini and skipping all the other stuff to save calories.


Refuel Every Couple of Hours

When you go too long without eating, you get so hungry that you have less willpower and tend to eat everything in sight. If you want that bikini body this summer, eat every couple of hours to keep your energy going and prevent ravenous hunger that leaves you devouring anything you can get your hands on. Your best bet is to never go more than 4 hours or so without a meal or snack. Just be sure you stay within your calorie quota.


Eat More Protein

Protein helps build lean muscles, which boosts metabolism. It also fills your belly and gives you energy. A simple boost to your protein intake can really help you get the body you want. Choose low-calorie sources of protein for the best benefits. That includes eggs, beans, chicken breast, sirloin steak or white fish.

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Eat Only Whole Grains

Your body needs some carbs to function and you need to choose the complex kind that come from whole grains. This offers your body appetite suppressing fiber and other nutrients that can help you slim down. Choose 100% whole wheat bread, crackers, cereal and pasta. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of healthy carbs.


Cheat Now and then

Yes, you read that right. Restricting everything you eat so you can get into a bikini will only backfire eventually. Depriving yourself will set you up for binge eating down the road. Instead, build treats into your calorie quota so you can enjoy your favorites, while also slimming down.


Eat Breakfast Every Day

You read above that you should be refueling every couple of hours, but many girls are still skipping breakfast in an effort to save calories. That's going to backfire on you because when lunchtime comes you'll be so ravenous that it will be harder to make good eating choices. Think about it. You just (hopefully) slept for 7 to 9 hours so it makes sense that you should refuel as soon as you get up. Have a low-calorie, high protein breakfast to get your day started just right. Yogurt with sliced berries and a bit of granola is a great choice.


Don't Eat when You're Distracted

Have you ever sat down with a bag of chips only to find that you've eaten the whole thing while you watch television? It's so easy to do. If you really want to slide into that bikini this summer, you've got to get out of the habit of eating while distracted. Put your properly portioned meal on a plate and sit at the table without the TV, your phone or even a book. Concentrate on your meal and you'll be better in tune to when you're full and you won't be such a high risk of overeating.


Combine Your Healthy Diet with Exercise

Yes, your eating habits are pretty important when it comes to getting into bikini shape. However, you also have to incorporate exercise into your healthy diet for the most success. Make sure you're getting cardio for burning fat and calories and strength training for toning your entire body. In just a few weeks, you're going to have the most enviable body on the beach.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try? Remember to include exercise for even better results!

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You shouldn't restrict of course; however, splurge on something that will curb your cravings and at the same time (make it healthy): Answer is Sweet Potatoes!

you did to put clothes on your body that's just wrong to go on the Bach nacked


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