7 Sneaky Tricks to Eating Pizza While Still Losing Weight ...


7 Sneaky Tricks to Eating Pizza While Still Losing Weight ...
7 Sneaky Tricks to Eating Pizza While Still Losing Weight ...

Any girl who has ever been on a diet can tell you how so very hard it is to give up pizza. Your average slice is loaded with fat and calories, which, as you know, is not conducive to weight loss. What if I told you that you can eat pizza and still lose weight? You totally can. The trick is choosing the right toppings and eating a small portion instead of the whole pie. Use these handy tips and you can have your pizza and eat it too. Bon appetit!
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Dense Vegetables

dish, food, pizza, cuisine, produce, Depending on where you eat out, you may have an option to create your own pizza. If you are going to order diet-friendly pizza, make sure you choose dense vegetables, such as mushrooms, artichokes, onions, olives, shredded carrots, peppers, and broccoli. Not only are these vegetables rich in essential nutrients, they all help you shred pounds while eating your favorite food. If you make your own pizza at home, this trick works perfectly well too.


Oil-free Pizza

clothing, product, food, human body, pattern, One of the worst ingredients in most pizzas is vegetable oil. It’s cheap and tasty, but unfortunately dieters should avoid it at all costs. Olive oil is a healthier option than a vegetable oil, but it is actually bad for diet-friendly pizzas as well. Way out? Ditch oil at all. Oil-free pizzas are incredibly delicious and super healthy.


Low-carb Pizza Crust

dish, food, pizza, cuisine, produce, This trick works best with a homemade pizza. Low-carb pizza crust is not a must, but it helps to make your pizza more satisfying. Opt for almond flour, mozzarella and egg crust, or ground flaxseed, cheese and egg pizza crust to get the most out of your diet-friendly pizza. Some store-bought versions offer low-carb pizza crusts as well.


Fresh Herbs

food, dish, pizza, pizza cheese, cuisine, Herbs boast a host of health and weight loss benefits, making them an excellent addition to your pizza. Fresh herbs will add a ton of flavor to your pizza for nearly zero calories. Basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, dill, parsley, sage and even bay leaf are all perfect options for pizzas. You can either sprinkle a herb of your choice on top of your pizza or add it to the tomato sauce.


Fresh Tomato Sauce

food, dish, cuisine, produce, vegetable, Store-bought pizza sauces are loaded with added sodium, sugars and oils. Even though those labeled ‘diet-friendly’ or ‘healthy’ contain ingredients that your stomach will not like. Create your own fresh tomato sauce, instead. Add fresh herbs and a pinch of black pepper to it for a mouth-filling taste. Do not add salt and sugar.



food, dish, pizza, pizza cheese, cuisine, Picking cheese for a diet-friendly pizza may be tricky. Parmesan cheese is low in calories but high in sodium. Vegan cheese is dairy free, but loaded with fats. Fat-free mozzarella is probably the best choice, yet its taste is not the best one. I recommend using a little bit of any cheese you like. Just a sprinkle of it will not ruin your waistline.


Skip Meat

dish, food, cuisine, produce, meal, Yes, you read that right. Pizza without meat is still pizza. Actually, a delicious pizza. Instead of meat, I suggest you use sweet potatoes, mushrooms, eggplants, canned beans, or lentils. They are inexpensive, hearty, filling, and totally diet-friendly.

With these diet-friendly tricks, you will not have to eliminate pizza from your meal plan. Master the art of eating pizza in moderation and you can have a piece each day. Keep the rest in the fridge for restrained snacking. I would love to hear your pizza tricks that help you stay fit, too.

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A hack I always love to do is drink hot peppermint tea while eating pizza, it prevents the bloating and settles the oil.

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