6 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets ...


6 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets ...
6 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets ...

Some of our lifestyles are crazy busy just like the celebs. We often wonder how they manage to stay fit when there’s no time for exercise. I bet most of you have wanted to try celebrity weight loss secrets but don't know where to start. We have exposed the most successful secrets celebrities use to lose weight without working out and they're all right here. Good luck!

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Since you’re not going to be working out, you must make a deal with yourself that you will at least watch what you put in your body. If you look around, this is one of the most common celebrity weight loss secrets you'll find. You must put yourself in the mindset that since you’re giving yourself a break from exercise you will at least eat healthy and nourish your body with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and healthy proteins.


Intermittent Fasting

This method has been proven to be very successful for celebrities and other very busy people. Fasting forces your body to burn fat faster than dieting alone. It raises your metabolism and helps you eat fewer calories. Fasting consists of a 12-18 hour “No eat” period. Your sleep hours are incorporated into these hours and you also are allowed to drink water, tea or any zero calorie drinks. An example of a beginner fasting schedule is: 8pm last meal of the day then fast until 10am the next morning. That would be a 14-hour Fast. Start off fasting with what you’re comfortable with and create your own schedule.


Water Quality

Of course water is important, however the quality of your water also makes a difference. Alkaline water neutralizes acids in the body and reduces fat storage. When you drink this type of water, your body is detoxed and the toxins are washed way, keeping your body healthy and slim.


Eat a Raw Vegetable or Fruit before Any Meal

Eating a fresh, raw fruit or veggie before your actual meal will help suppress your appetite and keep you from having the urge to gobble down your meal. It is also an amazing way to sneak in a fruit or veggie to nourish your body and supplement your weight loss goals.


Eat Every 2-3 Hours

Be sure to eat often enough to keep your metabolism going. If you're fasting, incorporate this into your eating window.



It is very possible to lose weight fast without exercise, but you have to be patient with yourself. Keep in mind that your body is changing and you’re evolving into a better you. Be true to yourself and know that if you stick to these simple rules you’re on your way to being 10 pounds lighter in no time.

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There is such a thing as skinny-Fat right?? Why lose weight by cutting calories and then not working out tone your atrophied muscles??

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