10 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Girls Who Hate Working out ...


10 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Girls Who Hate Working out ...
10 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Girls Who Hate Working out ...

If you don’t like working out, you’re also probably on the lookout for easy weight loss tips for girls who hate working out. Girls who are inherently lazy (don’t be ashamed – I’m lazy too and really don’t like exercising, but force myself) need extra help when it comes to losing weight. It’s harder to lose weight and burn extra calories if you don’t work out. You've got to eat better too. Here are the best easy weight loss tips for girls who hate working out.

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Smaller Plates

dish, food, vegetable, cuisine, vegetarian food, Using smaller plates is one of the best easy weight loss tips for girls who hate working out. This is all about optical illusion. If you half fill a normal sized dinner plate, you mind isn’t going to feel full after finishing your meal. However, if you use a smaller plate to eat your meal from, then not only are you successfully practising portion control, but you are also tricking your brain into thinking that it is enjoying a nice, full sized meal.


Take the Stairs

joint, shoulder, jeans, leg, girl, Whenever you are out somewhere and there is a choice between a lift and the stairs, make the conscious effort to take the stairs. It’s a great form of exercise and throughout the day you can accumulate some easy exercise without actually committing to a trip to the gym.


Lots of Protein

dish, vegetarian food, food, breakfast, meal, Contrary to what some might say, protein actually does help you to feel fuller for longer, and this prevents you from feeling like you have to snack throughout the day. An easy way to get more protein in your diet is to have eggs for breakfast. This will set you up well for the day.


Keep a Food Diary

photo shoot, girl, furniture, Sometimes we eat more food in a day than we are actually aware of, so test out your own intake by keeping a detailed food diary of everything that you consume during the day. Once you have a week’s worth of data, you can look at places and times where you can cut calories out.


Shop on a Full Stomach

public space, market, marketplace, city, Going on your weekly food shop while you are hungry is never a good idea! Your appetite will take over and you will end up buying foods that are immediately satisfying rather than having long term benefits. Shopping when you are not hungry helps you to make much more sensible and healthy choices.


Find a Mantra

swimwear, clothing, vacation, girl, model, Find a weight loss mantra that you think suits your own personal goals and journey, and say it to yourself over and over again whenever you are feeling low or you have had a cheat day. It’s all about maintaining that positive energy.


Stand up More

swimwear, beauty, leg, vacation, beach, You would be surprised just how much difference can be made simply by standing up more during the day. Many of us have office jobs that mean we sit in a chair for hours on end. Set an alarm to remind you stand up and move your body at least once an hour.


Lots of Fibre

breakfast, food, dish, meal, vegetarian food, Along with protein, fibre is another essential element of healthy diet and weight loss. It’s perfect for supressing appetite by making you feel fuller for longer, and can be found in simple ingredients like oatmeal, beans, cereals and even oranges.


Watch Less TV

audio equipment, audio, brown hair, long hair, girl, Once you commit to a new show on Netflix, you might find yourself on the couch for hours and hours at a time. Instead of opting for TV, try to fill your time with other more active hobbies, like walking while listening to music or podcasts. It doesn’t always have to be about getting on the treadmill.


Stay Hydrated

flowerpot, plant, grass, font, brand, Hardly any of us drink as much water as we should, and this partial dehydration can very often be mistaken for hunger, which leads to poor eating habits. Hit that recommended amount per day and you will find that you need to snack less and less.

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That weight will come right back.... all you’re doing is shedding a little fat and water weight. You can’t lose weight without exercise. It’s IMPOSSIBLE

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