What is Non-Essential Fat and Ways to Get Rid of It ...

Sonya Mazzari

What is Non-Essential Fat  and Ways to Get Rid of  It ...

So, what is non-essential fat? First of all, itโ€™s important to learn that in order to maintain its functions and operate effectively, your body needs a certain amount of fat. This is known as essential fat. This kind of essential fat is stored in places like organs, bones, muscles and the central nervous system, and men and women need different amounts to stay healthy. The fats that arenโ€™t needed, the so called non-essential fats, are the amounts of excess fat that is for insulation and storage. This kind of fat is usually found around your organs and underneath the skin. So, now that you know and have identified which fats are essential and which are not, you need some ways to get rid of non-essential fat.

1 Diet

This is always the best option. Itโ€™s as simple as this. When you diet, you create a calorie deficit in your body, which means that you are burning more calories in a day than you have actually taken in through food. In order to make up for this deficit, your body will turn to the non-essential fats you are storing and feed off of them instead, leading to weight loss and a trimmer figure!

2 Exercise

Physical activity is a great way burn off non-essential fat, especially if you have a target area in mind that you want to work on specifically, like your arms or your stomach. Itโ€™s always important to start slowly with any new exercise, especially if you are starting from a position of no previous activity at all.

3 Diet and Exercise Combo

The next logical step is to combine both diet and exercise to build a regime that is super effective at fighting the non-essential fat. Be wary that you will probably have to increase your calorie intake if you decide to up the exercise routines, but as long as you are still working with that all important deficit, you will definitely see great results. This combination approach is not just a quick fix. Itโ€™s something that you should commit to for the long run, in order to prevent those fat stores that you worked so hard to make disappear from coming back again. When you have reached your target, adjust your diet to one of maintenance rather than just going back to your old eating habits. The same goes for extensive exercise. You might be able to cut back on some sessions, but it you need to exercise regularly to keep your body in great condition.

4 Surgery

If all else fails, and it does for some people no matter what they try, then you can always opt for a surgical option. There are plenty of low impact fat removal procedures that you can pay for these days, but always make sure you visit a qualified, experienced professional.