10 Fabulous Weight Loss Tips for Beginners to Make It Easier ...


10 Fabulous Weight Loss Tips for Beginners to Make It Easier ...
10 Fabulous Weight Loss Tips for Beginners to Make It Easier ...

Are you looking for some weight loss tips for beginners?

From the horrible diets to the hours spent in the gym, it’s no secret that losing weight is tough and takes time to master. But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful and make your life miserable. There are other ways to help you get on the right path and they don't have to be hard. Here are the best weight loss tips for beginners.

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Diet the Right Way

Food, Still life photography, Cuisine, Ingredient, Vegetarian food, This doesn’t mean completely cutting something from your diet altogether and starving yourself. This is controlling how much of each food you eat and switching to healthier alternatives when possible. For example, instead of having ice cream, try frozen yogurt or Greek yogurt. You can jazz it up with fruits and granola to add more nutrients to your “dessert.” Another example can be cutting greasy fast foods out of your meals. It’s tasty but ultimately not good for your body in the long run. Paying attention to your overall diet is one of the best weight loss tips for beginners.


Cheat Meal

Dish, Food, Junk food, Fast food, Cuisine, I know I know, fast food and junk food are bad for you blah blah blah. But, having a cheat meal at the end of the week helps you maintain your diet. If you cut yourself off completely from what you normally eat, then you’ll have cravings and binge. Then you’ll give up on your diet altogether and you don’t want that. Having one cheat meal when you go out helps maintain your sanity and helps you look forward to a reward.


Body Trainers

Clothing, Pink, One-piece swimsuit, Monokini, Swimwear, When you work out, sometimes you get to the point where you can’t lose as much as you use to or get as much of a sweat going. It’s because your body is getting used to your exercises and has defined more resistance to them. This can suck, especially if you still want to shed a few pounds. If you’re looking for an extra helper, get a body trainer. You can get one for your torso, waist, arms, legs, etc. They help you sweat and can improve your posture when doing a specific workout so you won’t kill your muscles.


Green/Oolong Tea

Drink, Liqueur, Distilled beverage, Still life photography, Green tea, If you’re not a tea person then this isn't for you. But for those of you that like tea, this should work wonders. Having a cup of green tea after a meal can help clear your system. But be warned, you will be making more trips to the bathroom due to your body cleaning itself out. Try green tea first to get your body use to it, then go for oolong tea. Oolong is stronger than green tea so don’t try it without having green tea for at least a few months.


Water Only

White, Skin, Pink, Nail, Beauty, I know, water doesn’t taste like anything. But it’s natural and ultimately the elixir of life. Diet sodas have chemicals in them that can harm your body and are worse to have than regular soda itself! Water clears up your system and keeping hydrated helps you during the day and during your workouts. Also, keep in mind that it helps clear acne. This doesn’t mean you need to drink gallons of water every day because that can damage your body. You have to drink water according to your body weight.


Exercise 1-2 Hours Every Other Day

Fitness professional, Leg, Physical fitness, Room, Personal trainer, It’s easy to exercise for hours one day and completely stop exercising for the rest of the week. But it takes dedication to exercise consistently in order to build up muscle and lose properly. If you exercise every day without giving your body a rest day or two, you’ll overextend yourself and end up pulling a muscle. Your body needs time to rest in order to heal itself with the new muscles it’s gaining.


Do Various Workouts

text, black and white, font, silhouette, line, What you want will be the main decider on what you will lose. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, you have to do more than cardio. You have to lift weight or try boxing or kickboxing, or even individual exercises you can do at home, such as pushups. Sticking to one kind of workout won’t do much for your body and won’t help you get to your goal. But, having a routine or a schedule of different activities and workouts can help your body all over.


Hot Bath or Sauna

Room, Interior design, Property, Ceiling, House, You know that sauna you see a bunch of people in after they finish a workout? There’s a reason why they’re there. After a heavy workout, a trip to the sauna relaxes your muscles and helps you work up a good sweat. Even a trip to a hot tub can serve the same purpose. Try a hot bubble bath even, it’ll help soothe any aching muscles.



Ballet dancer, Beauty, Leg, Athletic dance move, Dance, This is the golden rule for everyone. Stretch before and after a workout! It helps you get ready and prepare your muscles for a workout and can help prevent your muscles from stretching after a workout. You know what happens when you don’t stretch? You get sore and muscles hurt so much you can’t do your daily activities.



Choreography, Dance, Dancer, Ballet, Performing arts, Finally, if all else fails, just try dancing. Zumba is great for those who hate working out and love to dance and move around. Also, try video games such as Just Dance or Dance Central. Dancing games are always fun to do and don’t even feel like a workout.

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